Prologue: Nostalgia, or you can go home again

January 1- 2:30 am

I’m not sure if this is going to work.

Not going to Nova Scotia for Nanny’s 80th birthday celebration- which will ‘work’, regardless of whether or not I enjoy it (and I’m fairly confident that I will, once I’m over the jet-lag and Dennis and I figure out what we’re going to play for her). I’m speaking of right here, and now.

I mentioned before that the flight is at 8:00 in the morning- and Dennis and I, of course, were out enjoying our New Years with various BBCfolk at the church. You’ll be pleased to know that there were no casualties, save for no fewer than two pizzas, three foam darts, and one net hanging thingy in the wall in the storage closet when we put the nets away after the floor hockey.

If you weren’t certain it’s 2:30 in the morning, and that I’m rambling, you probably are now.

But I digress. Dennis and I are ‘running the gauntlet’ before the flight. Rather than attempting a couple of hours of sleep before a far too early trip to the airport, we’re staying up through it.

I don’t mention this to brag (because I’ve suffered when I’ve done it before, and I’ll suffer again. And you all know I’m insufferable). And I’m not griping- this gets us into Nova Scotia earlier in the day, and that’s easier for them on the other side. I just thought you should know.

That I wasn’t sure it was going to work.

I remember enjoying our trips to Nova Scotia, and I’ve no doubt I’ll enjoy this one, even with the timing of it. Up until recent years, I would always call it ‘home’, because that’s where we grew up. Now, I consider Calgary home, but I still have fond memories (what few I can recall) of our living there, and feel as comfortable and content there as I do anywhere.

Though the trees in the yard of our old house have gotten a lot bigger, even when the yard’s gotten smaller. Did we really ever play baseball in that?

Dennis and I have been asked to bring our instruments for Nanny’s celebration, and I’ve no problem admitting that even now we have no idea what we’re going to do. We’ve both been practicing, and cousin Kate, who will join us on keyboard (I think) has been as well, we’ve yet to play together, or coordinate on songs.

Dennis and I are both a little apprehensive, for all my bluster and Mom and Dad’s encouragement regarding our efforts. We want it to be right, as good as it can be, perfect, if we can swing it. The right songs, the right notes, at the right time.

Downside of being a perfectionist, I guess. That, and the whole ‘spelling’ thing.

Just over five hours now. This would be easier if I drank coffee.