Easy ways to avoid carpal tunnel

So in approximately five and a half hours, Dennis, myself, Mom and Dad will board a flight to Nova Scotia. Happy New Year, indeed.

I will be without significant internet access, but I still plan to ‘blog’ during that time- through the use of pen and paper, and various other prehistoric means. Actually, just the one means. Or would that be mean?

So I will record my thoughts in this ‘journal’, and possibly put it up for you to peruse upon my return from the Eastern provinces. Or it’ll just be the one pre-entry tonight (after this one), and you’ll be left wondering about what happened during our time there. THE ANTICIPATION WILL KILL YOU. Either that, or my gratuitous use of capital letters will.

On with it, now.


6 thoughts on “Easy ways to avoid carpal tunnel

  1. Matuga

    Dude – you meaning to disable comments on everything? Because otherwise I’ll have to post here and that’s not what you want.

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