I don’t need the weight of words to find a way to crash on through

Good evening.

The above was Alex’s inspired Christmas gift to Dennis and I- that, and a couple of movie passes.

‘Twas an enjoyable 25th of December (and I pray that it was the same for you and yours), whereupon we received swag of the highest caliber- at least some of which I’m sitting on now (a nice office chair with actual armrests, which Mom and Dad snagged at a Boxing Day sale- as much typing as I do, you have no idea how much difference armrests make).

The vegetable peeler in the stocking was a mild surprise though. I think Mom’s trying to tell us something… some nonsense about vegetables that aren’t deep fried and don’t come in flavours like sour cream and onion and smoky bacon. PREPOSTEROUS.

Dennis also got me Collective Soul’s live CD with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, which is at least seven flavours of awesome. That would have gotten ‘Currently Listening’ status if not for Alex’s good work. I mean, Lego and Star Wars together. How can the game not be gold?

There was more- wine glasses, music books, and enough reading for Dennis to last him well into the next millennium (a lot of which I contributed to), but the last thing I’ll give it’s own paragraph is a book entitled ‘Now Write!’, which Dennis also gave me.

It’s a book of writing exercises- eighty seven (87, for those of you who like numbers) of them, in fact. As someone who’s always looking to improve his writing, I thought that an inspired choice for a gift as well. Be advised that I may subject some of my attempts on you, in this space.

With Mom and Dad here, we’re heading to Nova Scotia at 8 am on January 1st (putting our status for any New Years celebration as ‘questionable’) for a family gathering- an 80th birthday celebration, for our grandmother on our mother’s side. It’ll be for a week, until the 7th, since I start classes on the 8th. As we have family on both sides out there, I expect that we’ll be on the move for most of the week, even with the celebration and preparing for that.

It’ll be nice to go back, though. Dennis and I haven’t been back for a couple of years, and even when we were there last time it was for a funeral, and not a trip for the sake of a trip. I’m as prone to nostalgia as anyone, and going to Nova Scotia seems to hit me harder on that front than a lot of things.

We spent the first eight and a half years of our life there, and in a lot of ways, it’s comforting, even as much a part of Calgary as I am now. But for now, I have a hard time thinking of anything other than Calgary as home. I’m not naive enough to believe that’ll never change, though.

I think that just about does it. Take ‘er easy, folks.


5 thoughts on “I don’t need the weight of words to find a way to crash on through

  1. mickyo

    Be careful with the vegetables.  Always save room for steak, pork, bacon, ham, chicken, hamburgers, and fish.  It sounds like you are on the right track with “preposterous”.  For some reason I thought you guys were in Saskatoon. 

  2. Anonymous

    Dave, I played tenor sax in grade 9, and trombone in grade 9 and 11 for jazz band. I already know how to play those instruments.And for an Eb? Well, I played that in grade 12. 😛

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