From the computer of Time magazine’s 2006 Man of the Year

On one hand, this could be a backhanded compliment to the internet generation. At the other end, it could be a complete and utter copout by a form of print media that’s rapidly losing it’s readership to that online medium. As with most things, the answer is likely somewhere in the middle.

(And I can put it on my resume).

It did have the unfortunate side effect of reminding me of those asinine regulations that seem to be gaining steam in elementary schools, about banning ‘tag’ and other ‘competitive’ games from the playground. Because losing is bad for self esteem, or something, so everyone wins. I’m cutting this off right now, because I smell a rant brewing, and I have other things to get onto.

Pastor Linda took a moment out of the church service on Saturday to splash some cold water on people who complain about Christmas being too commercial, or that it’s losing the true meaning in modern day society. Something I’ve done on occasion in the past (though some of my rantings had to do with needing to modernize the Safeway Radio Network’s music- I sure don’t miss work right now), so it hit home.

Enjoy Christmas as it was meant to be, she said, and don’t let yourself get dragged down by the rest of it. Enjoy the commercialism. If someone says, “Happy Holidays,” thank them, and then wish them a Merry Christmas. Sound advice, I thought.

Though I’m still infatuated with Trans Siberian Orchestra’s rendition of ‘Carol of the Bells’, BNL’s Christmas album is still the favourite for Christmas tunes, even with the amount of filler they jammed in there. Not that ‘Deck the Stills’ and ‘Sleigh Ride’ aren’t good for a laugh or two, but in the final estimation, they could have done a few less songs, and made them better, rather than put 21 songs on there for the sake of putting on 21 songs.


2 thoughts on “From the computer of Time magazine’s 2006 Man of the Year

  1. Anonymous

    Cold water literally or figuratively?And how much of a splashing? like drenched splashing or “oops, I’ve drooled on myself and my shirt is slightly wet” spalshing?

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