Dennis and I were watching the tail end of the Flames/Blue Jackets game while eating dinner tonight. As an aside, is there a worse team name in all of sports right now? Seriously, the Blue Jackets? What, was Docile Orangutangs taken?

Back on topic, though- We don’t watch a lot of TV, and it’s even rarer is when we’re both sitting down together to do it. We had a good time tonight though.

The Flames game went to a shootout, and being sports nuts as Dennis and I are, we started debating who would shoot for Calgary. I immediately suggested Alex Tanguay, Jarome Iginla, and Matthew Lombardi, all of whom played well during the game (the Tanguay/Lombardi/Chuck Kobasew line was incredible during the final period), and possess a reasonable amount of skill.

Dennis asked, “Would you think about Kristian Huselius?” citing his playmaking ability.

My response: “I’d think about him.”


Roger Millions, the Sportsnet commentator, announced Daymond Langkow, Jarome Iginla, and Tony Amonte as Calgary’s first three shooters. This drew mild revulsion from me, though when they dropped the puck, Matthew Lombardi was actually the first shooter. Nice work, Sportsnet. Got a crack team running things over there.

In any case, all three Flames shooters missed, after they all tried to go five-hole on Blue Jackets goalie Pascal Leclaire. The Blue Jackets, thankfully, did likewise, getting stymied by everyone’s favourite backup goaltender, Jamie McLennan.

The Flames’ fourth shooter was Alex Tanguay- who, much to my delight, scored, dinging it in off the crossbar. After the goal, I jumped in manic celebration, got off a fist pump worthy of Tiger, and started gesturing widly towards the TV as they showed the replay, remarking to Dennis-“I’d show this to the other shooters- see what he did? He went high- AND HE SCORED.” 

The Blue Jackets matched, and Dennis’ pick, Huselius, was next- and he, too, found paydirt.

The shootout didn’t end well for our heroes- Blue Jackets diving specialist Manny Malholtra potting the winner with the 11th shot (boy, did THAT rile me up, that he was the one who got it)- but the moral is, Dennis and I are awesome.

We then settled in for an episode of Law and Order- a fairly solid episode, though having not seen the show in a while, we didn’t know some of the newcomers. It opened with an arrest, the man constantly saying, “Do you know who I am?” and making anti-Jew comments to the detective when he was being questioned at the station.

Dennis (deadpan): “I wonder where they got the idea for this from?”


I’m off.



  1. Matuga

    You missed the part where I called McCoy’s line in law and order – “Tell him yourself.”Good times. Of course Tanguay was going to score.

  2. DannyBrinker

    I heard about a high school whose team name was The Dots. It was susposed to be a play on the school name which was Polka High School. So I’m guessing all of the other teams in their divison like shook in their kleats when they had to play the dreaded Polka Dots. True story too. And thanks for the reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy early birthday wish…I’d better thank you now because come next november i’ll probably have forgotten about it…..

  3. knoppski

    Hey…saw your site through no_wings…Kristen’sa bud of mine. I listened to this game on the radio…so maddening to listen to, so I can’t imagine actually watching. PS-I’m going to the game tomorrow night!

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