Mighty fine shindig

The above CD was Dennis‘ birthday gift to me. Thanks, man.

Here’s what the auto-adjusting flash on Dave’s new camera does to a room in pitch black, outside of draining the battery:


Apologies to Mr. and Mrs. W (far end of the couch, Mr. on floor), who were looking right at the camera when I shot. And for the red eye, which my red eye eliminator does not eliminate. Even on manual, which points out everywhere but the eyes. BAH.

The Church brothers had a successful b-day celebration on Sunday evening, where good times were rumored to be had by all. There was eating of cake, watching of V for Vendetta (thanks to Alex for that b-day gift), and the exchange of tasteful gifts, well written cards, and rapier wit. Not picture are MikeA (who needed to turn off his cell phone), the upper half of Greg (the legs, on the far left), most of Josh, (the side of the head, at the bottom), and, of course, me.

I made an attempt to get candid pictures of everyone as they walked in, but I missed a couple, and one or two more didn’t turn out great (still learning the camera), so they shall remain ‘in the archive’.

There would be more- like, say, a comment on how V for Vendetta was an excellent movie, and a director’s commentary on the various incidents of the aforementioned MikeW inserting his foot into his mouth- but I’ve written far too many words already today, so I shall bid you adieu.


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