It’s been one week since you looked at me

With the stroke of midnight, it is now the date of my birth. At precisely 6:32 AM mountain time (9:32 Atlantic),  I will become 24 years of age. Dennis, being the elder twin, will hit his precisely five minutes earlier.

It might actually be 9:27 and 9:22, but I can’t recall. Mom will undoubtably correct me if I’m wrong in our weekly conversation.

This could be a set up for some reflection, but I’ve got sports on the brain, so that’s what you’ll get instead.

What a Monday Night Football game that was (some of which I had to miss due to curling). When the Bears came out flat, Arizona, like the week before against Kansas City, just couldn’t hold the lead. Regardless, ‘Zona’s 20-0 halftime lead did have the side effect of taking a wheel off the Bears Super Bowl bandwagon a few weeks before it would inevitably run out of steam (No one thought of taking away Bernard Berrian before this? How is that?), but Arizona showed some good in that game. Their defense made some plays, and Matt Leinart’s gonna be real good when all is said and done. Heck, he’s real good now, even with that terrible offensive line in front of him.

Also, Edgerrin James probably wishes he’d stayed in Indy. 36 rushes for 55 yards (no, that’s not a misprint) will do that to you.

You can say Chicago got lucky (all of their TDs came from defense and special teams, and they scored two in the final five minutes), but good teams make their luck a lot of the time, and that’s what they had to do tonight, with Grossman having what could posssibly be his worst game as a professional. They’ll grow from this, but I still think the Panthers are the class of the NFC if Steve Smith’s healthy.

This bit’s for Dad: Lost our curling game tonight, but we made it good, after the other team nearly scored seven (Once more for emphasis: seven) in the first end. They ended up scoring four, but we closed the gap to one in the final end before they pulled it out.  I probably threw my best game of the year, but getting behind as much as we did early cost us in the end.

I think that’s all. Happy birthday to me!

NINJA EDIT: And Dennis. I’m aghast that I almost forgot that. Aghast, I say.


14 thoughts on “It’s been one week since you looked at me

  1. xstarfall

    Happy Birthday! 24 is the best age in the world because it’s the same as 24 the TV show! I sure can’t wait till I’m 24. Anyways, have a good one!

  2. Anonymous

    My 24th year was the most painful year of my life.  I hope that it is the complete opposite for you.

  3. Emmetovich

    I can’t believe you hit everybody on the page of shame with the automated update request. I can’t believe I checked to see if you did. Sir, I salute you.And to respond to Dennis: whippersnapper!

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