Warning: Beware of CUTE OVERLOAD if you click that link. Especially if you like cats. Also, it has music from Zelda, which is awesome.

Mom and Dad stopped by for the weekend, which meant copious (COPIOUS) amounts of turkey and stuffing, and good times had by all. Also, it meant we got some e arly birthday presents.

Our grandmother on Mom’s side sent some really nice shirts. Dennis got a watch. I got a digital camera.

There wasn’t a ton of incentive to have a digital camera at this point, save for that I thought it’d be really fun. Not a serious model, since I’m not even an amateur photographer, but one I could do some basic stuff with, take some pictures, and wouldn’t break the bank (though it wasn’t my money, I wasn’t going to pay more than I needed to.

So after a brief trip to Future Shop, I ended up with a Canon Powershot A430, which from my research, was a good ‘entry level’ model. It’s a good, compact unit, and can even take video (with sound, even!) Some of yesterday and today was spent in the taking of pictures and discovering of features for said camera.

Here is the result of some of said discovery:


Dennis’ chosen birthday gift, a nice watch to replace his old one. He insisted on a digital display.

Dad spotted some watches that had both digital AND analog displays. Startling.


The rest of the birthday goods.

The computer desk, with a bonus glimpse into the bathroom. For you, dear readers.

Bottom right, with the spout, is a can of compressed air, for cleaning the fan vents on my laptop, because the heatsink sucks.

We have an easy button. It’s on the counter, and is awesome.

The mantle on the fireplace. That, sadly, is about the extent of our DVD collection, save for one or two that are missing.

Either I’m in a white coloured jail, or I’ve taken a picture through the window, and the front porch.

The view from my room, when I’m sitting at my desk, and the blinds are open.

Setting the zoom to max, we can see the deck chairs on the other side. OMG CREEPY

Ryan’s barbecue, which we’re holding for ransom, or something. I don’t know.

Dennis’ grad picture, still sitting in the package it came in.

And now, for some random outdoorsy stuff:

That’s about it.

Let’s make it interesting. A chilled beverage of choice to the first person to locate the missing Firefly DVD in these pictures. If you don’t live in Calgary, be sure to remind me the next time I see you. You’ll see the set in the mantle picture, but one of them is missing. So find it for me.

Cheers, folks.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    I found it! I found it!I even know which DVD is missing from the set. View it here.Suffice to say it is on your desk. I will let the rest of your readers have fun trying to find out where.And I am coming to get my barbeque…eventually…maybe tomorrow.Nice pictures. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a photographer of any kind, a digital camera is a lot of fun. Enjoy it. I have similar collections of photos from when I was trying out my cameras.

  2. Shnuff

    Ryan wins.And for including the correct missing disc, is entitled to a bonus of some kind. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out what that is yet. -DaveC

  3. Anonymous

    New Cameras = AwesomeEasy Button = Ultra Awesome. One of the pastors at my church, Jim, used that in a sermon quite a few months ago. 😛

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