Come and keep your comrades warm

I’m fairly certain I promised Mike a blog entry at Kelsey’s tonight, so here we go. I had one about half-written on Monday, but it was full of Youtube links, and I can’t yet bring myself to use that kind of crutch to prop up an entry.

I will stick you with one this time though- an MS Paint video set to ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’ by the Beatles, that reminded me of Ryan, Candice, and my dad, for entirely seperate reasons. Ryan because of it’s political history (Dennis was insulted that I thought of Ryan first), Candice because it’s about Russia (and she was kinda-sorta there a while back), and my dad because, well, he likes the Beatles. And, really, who couldn’t like that song?

You’ll note my own comment on the video calls it the “greatest thing ever concieved by man” which is only a slight hyperbole. In any case, it’s under three minutes.

I was struck by Pastor Moffat’s sermon tonight (and will be again tomorrow morning), and am warming up to his speaking style, which I had initially considered a little cold, and blunt. He spoke with a lot of emotion tonight, and that helps communicate the convictions he feels for the Word. I still wince occasionally at his obviously lacking sense of aesthetics with Powerpoint (and I know our sounds guys had to wrestle with him a bit over the use of the headset), but if anything, that drives it home even more.

He talked about how we let our weaknesses cripple us, and how we so often ask God to remove these weaknesses. But more often than not, God will use us in spite of weakness, and with our weakness, in ways that we cannot even comprehend. His grace is sufficient for us, and His power made perfect in our weakness. Sometimes, it is these weaknesses that force us to rely on the mighty power of God. It’s something that really hit home for me, knowing how often I see these weaknesses, and want to be free of them, overlooking what others would consider my good attributes.

When we are weak, the Lord makes us strong. We will be strong in Him, and His mighty power.


7 thoughts on “Come and keep your comrades warm

  1. xstarfall

    I quite agree with you, both regarding Saturday’s sermon and Pastor Moffat’s speaking style. I think I’m warming up to it, too. It’s quite different from Pastor Martyn’s (who was always ’emotional’ — in a good way, for me) but I think I can get used to it. Anyway, the sermon was great, too. I do need to be brought back into reality sometimes. Hearing someone say that it’s not going to be easy isn’t always great but… hearing that someone is there to help us through IS great.

  2. miguel_senchez

    Way to make good on your promise. This was the first sermon of Doug’s that I have been to. Still warming up to him. Shame on your for eating the last of the ice cream without telling Dennis.Mike

  3. Emmetovich

    Did Dennis eat the last of the ice cream and forget? Just like Alex “forgot” he ate his burger the other day?I am really enjoying Doug’s sermons. Working with him on the board I’ve been able to get to know him pretty well. He’s a good guy.

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