I paid my dues underneath your tires

Has it really been two weeks? Huh. Time flying, or something. So what’s happened?

Went to Saskatoon and back. Had a wonderful time, but I’ll spare you the boring details, and get to the interesting ones. Discovered my golf game is, well, right where I left it. The odd picture perfect drive, and beautifully touched chip shot (nearly holed one out- if we’d pulled the flag, it would have gone, I think), amidst a flood of slices, muffed putts, and skulled approach shots that roll into the nearest sand trap. A fun game, all in all, though I get frustrated far too easily. I’m a competitive sort, even when I suck. ‘Little man syndrome’, I think. Definitely won’t argue that.

Mom goes to a nice church in Saskatoon (on Acadia Drive- how’s THAT for spooky?). Got to hear their youth pastor speak, and was suitably impressed. I imagine that if they fused Bill Hebner and Chad Block, he’s what they’d end up with. High praise, I know, but I’m working from a limited sample here. I remember Dennis had some critiques on the sound mix the last time we were there, but not as many this time.

The drive to and from ‘Toon town lacked event, save for getting lost in Saskatoon when I managed to go onto the wrong end of their ring road, and still manage to miss the turn-off to Mom and Dad’s place. A phone call solved that, thankfully, and we arrived not far off schedule, courtesy of our setting land speed records between Hanna and Rosetown. Or something.

From our time spent staring at maps, we now know where Three Hills and Olds are relative to us, as well. Shawn and Dan, we know where you live…

And on the way back, we saw the greatest sign ever (and another endorsement for needing a digital camera, which I mentioned to Mom and Dad as a possible birthday present). It said CHEESETOAST: HELP WANTED. Apologies to those of you not in on the joke- I’d be happy to explain later.

I got a new backpack, too, which’ll be handy for upcoming classes. It’s a nice unit- comfortable straps and backing, and more pockets and pouches than I’ll ever need. Made the mostly sarcastic remark to Mom that, “They didn’t make them this way when I was a kid,” which drew the obligatory eye roll. I’m not far enough removed to say something like that seriously. Yet.

Got to read AND watch the Da Vinci Code while I was there, which might merit an entry in itself at some point. I was too psyched about the new Soul Asylum album to be pushing anything other than that right now, though, and I imagine most of the turf has been covered and re-treaded on that particular subject anyway.

NFL season coming up. I’m excited, though I doubt the Steelers will repeat. I think they can take their division (which, for the most part, has stood pat or gotten worse), though I could see a first or second round exit. They lost some guys, and didn’t really replace them. That’s usually a recipe for a step back, though the Steelers are as good as any team in the league at replacing their own guys internally.

I just haven’t seen any other team in that division really improve itself. Cinncinati will probably regress a little, despite being a young team- they’re not sneaking up on anyone anymore, and that defense can be exploited. They’ll be in it right to the end, though. Cleveland’s still a year or two away, and Baltimore’s fooling itself if they think Steve McNair is going to make them much better at this point.

Also, let’s get this prediction in print now, before the preseason pundits make their choices-the Indianapolis Colts will not win their division. That’s the limb-snapping pick for this year. They’ll make the playoffs, but they won’t win their division.

That was mostly for Dad and Dennis, and the rest of you sports nuts. I’ll get into my theory on why with them later. As for the rest, sayonara, and thanks for continuing to indulge my waggish antics. Keep it real.


4 thoughts on “I paid my dues underneath your tires

  1. no_wings

    I want to read and watch DaVinci Code! It’s on my list. I don’t understand how a work of fiction can have spurred so much controversy (while some believe it’s true–kind of like me saying that Star Trek is true!).

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