I suppose I should

Just haven’t really felt the urge to blog of late. I suppose stuff has happened.

As ahub mentioned, we did go for a little basketball Sunday afternoon, which only served to remind 80% of the players how out of shape we were. Dan, on the other hand, continues to amaze. Is there a sport the man doesn’t absolutely rule at (and I say this in a tone of admiration)?

Josh came over, and bought and cooked us a nice steak stew tonight (we had the steaks on-hand already, thankfully), which was a fun experience for all. When we made our trip up to the Safeway where I used to work (and getting stopped every couple of minutes by co-workers who’ve yet to purge the memory of my time there out of their system), I had to explain that vegetables, for the most part, were a foreign concept in our household, despite my time spent in the company of them when I worked produce (or perhaps because of it). Nonetheless, the stew was delicious. Probably won’t change our eating habits a lot, but it was good.

Going to chill out the rest of the month, I think, and prepare for the return to Mount Royal when the calender hits September. Will be driving up with Dennis to Saskatoon at the end of the month to see the folks before that, which will be cool. Might be some golfing, and other associated tomfoolery.

Fourth roomie is still here, though with Alex house-sitting for his folks, we’re really still sitting at three.

And that (only somewhat by accident) brings me to my next topic- I’ve quit World of Warcraft. And I can’t picture a scenario where I’d pick it up again.

This isn’t a huge hurdle for me- as someone who was a casual player for the most part, I won’t be pining for it once the account runs dry. But even as a casual player, as a gamer, I was no less wary of what this game represented, of what this and other games like it had done to people. I’ve seen friends, heard from them of what could happen, what had happened. I know that others games, in the past, had done it to me- had made me lose focus on what was really important.

As someone who is a gamer, and never really been accused (rightfully, in that) of having an overly active social life, I consider myself reasonably educated on the good and bad of that habit. It’s a way to amuse ourselves, alone, and in the company of others. It’s a form of escapism, and can be a healthy escape, to a point. But it can also become a reason to isolate one’s self, make someone lose sight of their own life and relationships, become an addiction, and that’s when it becomes a problem.

This may come off as stupid to those of you not familiar with the mashing of buttons and keyboards, but don’t underestimate the power of this particular amusement. It can be just as dangerous as any substance one puts into their body, in the wrong hands.

Man, I so did NOT mean to get preachy tonight. Ah well. Thems the breaks. Cheers, folks.


4 thoughts on “I suppose I should

  1. ahub

    Who you callin’ out of shape??? Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. This Canadian air has been giving me problems, which might account for why you thought you might of percieved my out-of-shapen-ness. HAHA…who am I kidding?!?!

  2. atomic_spirituality

    I know too many guys here at school who say things like “So I was working on a paper last night, and I decided to take an Xbox break… next thing I know I have five minutes to get to class!” Gaming can be a dangerous habit.
    However, there is a saying that goes “everything in moderation…including moderation”.

  3. DannyBrinker

    I remember guys at school obsessing over Yu-gi-oh…very sad. They were all serously, major virgins…except for the guy that did his cousin……that wasnt a joke. And then i saw one of the dudes make out with his sister…..also not a joke. The southern US is a very strange place dude…believe it. Anyway I’ve been trying to move on and I think I’ve finally been able to “nip in the bud” to quote the late Don Knots when he was Barney Fife.

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