The TOOTH injury report

Sorry, friends, but I do prefer the NFL to it’s Canadian equivalent. Better quality of play (save for the Grey Cup/Superbowl, where the north side’s standard usually comes up with a win), and there’s actually a semblance of good defense.

I meant to send this out as a TOOTH email, but got lazy again. This will, unfortunately, make this a ‘Had To Be There’ post (for fans of football, and all it’s idiosyncracies), but that really doesn’t matter to me. I haven’t put anything out in over two weeks, so it IS better than nothing.

For the unitiated, TOOTH is the acronym we’ve made out of our weekly frisbee game at the church. You can thank this guy for coming up with it, and in his absence, we’ve gamely carried on the tradition.

So, without any further adieu, I give you the TOOTH (The Order Of The Hfrisbee) injury report, based loosely on the NFL equivalent, and information given to me by regular TOOTHgoers:

PROBABLE: Dave (charleyhorse), Alex (WoW), Josh (foreigner-itis- and no, not the band), Jesse (smart car)

QUESTIONABLE: Dennis (chronic work-related fatigue- upgraded from ‘doubtful’ on Tuesday), Micky (stomach flu), Zack (being a night owl)

DOUBTFUL: Ryan (knee), Jared (eye), MikeW (European vacation- it’d be a little bit of a commute)

OUT: Aaron (Edmonton syndrome- oh yeah, and the ankle. Probably more the ankle).

Aaaand that’s it. Please also note that, while there are kernels of truth contained there-in, the list is meant entirely in jest, and to amuse, rather than enflame. Short version: Please don’t hurt me.

Also, I’ve heard rumors that the aforementioned Micky may be planning a relaunch of his blog. Because he mentioned it, I’ll be hyping it relentlessly in the coming weeks, assuming I make blogging a regular habit again.

Later, folks.


2 thoughts on “The TOOTH injury report

  1. wordloch

    Thank you for not mentioning Regina syndrome. It’s bad enough I have to live in the same city as the riders. Papa-G. Oh, and for the record, it WAS frisbee Sundays here a couple years ago, but since it’s turned into football world cup style. Nothing beats melting your shoes on artificial turff when it’s 36 out with no wind and humidity at 50%. Bring on the lightning. But if i’m ever in town on a thursday, i’ll be back playing TOOTH.

  2. DannyBrinker

    I’m sure I’d get this more if I still lived up there….I’m still planning on coming up this coming summer if you’re still up for the beer and talk.

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