That’s when they said I lost my only friend

I’ve been alternately humbled and challenged by a lot of what’s been written on the ring the last couple of weeks (and also, a nod to my fellow subscribees who aren’t on ‘the ring to end all rings’, who continue to delight and amaze in new and exciting ways), and I may need to discuss that at some point. I’m not really in a headspace where I can address that right now, though, so we’ll move on.

Also, I’m reasonably certain ‘headspace’ is not a word. On to sports, which might be something only me, Dennis, and Micky can get on board with. If that doesn’t interest you, here’s something funny.

The Jays cutting Shea Hillenbrand seems like a little bit of an overreaction, even in light of what happened. With the incident still fresh, it seems like kids’ stuff- Hillenbrand getting defensive when no one congratulated him on adopting a kid, and the front office not taking it well when he subsequently ripped the team today. News of this first leaked when he wasn’t in the lineup before game time, which was a little strange, given the Jays’ injury woes. They could have used him. His locker room stall was already cleaned out after the game- make no mistake, he is done with the Jays.

Right now, there’s still a lot we don’t know. But it doesn’t look right, and with the team struggling right now, they can’t afford to have any distractions.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, as Toronto now has 10 days to trade him, release him, or outright him to the minors (I think he’d have to clear waivers for that, though, and there’s no way that’ll happen).

Could be that the much rumored Hillenbrand for Angels 2B Adam Kennedy swap finally goes down, but it’s usually the rumored ones that don’t end up happening. But with the Angels calling up young 2B Howie Kendrick earlier this week, the pieces might fit. The Angels need a third baseman, and Hillenbrand wants to play the field.

I think Hillenbrand ends up in the NL again- maybe back to struggling Arizona for former Jay Orlando Hudson, to complete the circle? Nah. Arizona doesn’t need a corner guy.

Ideally, the Jays would get a shortshop, and leave Aaron Hill at second, but since second basemen are at less of a premium, and also a possible area of need, that’s more likely. Or some pitching help, but Hillenbrand’s value probably isn’t high enough to get anyone who’ll improve the team (see the recent Reds/Nationals trade for an example of why).

Alright, I’m done.


5 thoughts on “That’s when they said I lost my only friend

  1. Emmetovich

    Wait a minute…there’s a team called the Nationals? When did this happen? You know what would be great, a game between the Expos and the Nationals. Man, I’d like to see that.I liked when Vader was humming the Cantina music as he walked by the check out. That is funny stuff.

  2. mickyo

    It sounds like Hillenbrand has been a problem in the clubhouse for a while.  It isn’t just the kid thing.  It is a problem to lose a bat like that, but it from what I have heard Hillenbrand is a loser.  Maybe that will be contradicted in the coming days.  

  3. Shnuff

    Ryan, we’ll have to work on that Expos/Nationals game.Micky, I figure you’re about right. If manager John Gibbons, the epitome of laid back, challenged Hillenbrand to a fight, then this wasn’t a new problem. Sports sites have been digging out more ammunition- apparently Hillenbrand ripped Epstein a new one after being traded to Arizona, and more recently had been writing bad messages (‘the ship is sinking’, among other things) on the clubhouse chalkboard.Shawn gets points for a chemistry pun.-DaveC

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