The word for today is ‘gauche’

I knew the summary blog-link post was both a great idea and a bad idea… because when it eventually got the point where there was a lot of people, I would, inevitably, miss someone. So here’s my apology to those who were omitted.

Miriam made a blog entry because I suggested it, with a picture of some guy getting a plate in the face from some other guy. That’s awesome. Graeme is sharing the names of God, and a couple of weeks ago, communicated that his wife is with child- in the most obscure way possible.

NINJA EDIT: And Josh is coming home!

More sports stuff. I had to comment on this before it sinks in. For those of you too lazy to click on the link, Flames coach/GM Darryl Sutter has resigned from the head coaching position, but will remain on as general manager.

ESPN describes it as unexpected, but it’s been common knowledge for a while within town that he would eventually leave his dual role to move upstairs. I think the plan was to do it after the cup run in ’04, but the lockout forced a change of plan.

I think it was time for the change, though I expected it to happen earlier in the offseason than it did. Sutter’s Flames teams will outwork you most nights, but it didn’t seem like the Flames were having much fun most of this year, and that weighed on them as they got into the playoffs. I think that being a favourite didn’t help them either… they seemed more focused, more determined when they were playing from behind, or as the underdog.

Maybe whoever the new guy is (probably Playfair) will change that culture a little, have a little more fun, loosen up that locker room, and hopefully retain that hard working edge. The acquisitions of Alex Tanguay and Andrei Zyuzin (the best name ever, in my book), and the return of Jamie McLennan will help that area.

What amazed me, following sports media as much as I do, was how much we came to expect success from the Flames after the finals run of ’04, as lucky as it was. Sutter was a genius. Iginla and Kipper could do no wrong. The bar was set way too high, and when the Flames got upset in the first round, the love just died. On the plus side, it will clear out most of the bandwagon fans. And despite the first round knockoff, the Flames DID win a very tough division, and return the core of that roster intact.

Edmonton would have had the same problem coming into next year, if not for the whole Chris Pronger thing (but that’s a rant for another time). Does anyone remember that they just barely made the playoffs? And have a goalie who’ll be 36 at the start of next season, and hasn’t been a regular starter for years? This isn’t a problem to anyone?

Actually, I don’t think either Cup finalist will make the playoffs next year, since Carolina has history working against them there. Let’s mark it down now.

And that’s it.


2 thoughts on “The word for today is ‘gauche’

  1. DannyBrinker

    dude you know what’s funny? I have to like read your comments like 3 times to get what you’re saying sometimes….AHHHH YOU’RE TOO SMART FOR ME!!!! And I’m the freaking “genuis at work”….lol. Anyway sorry its been so long…I just work so much man. but make no regrets that Danny Brinker is alive and well….still kicking like a punter on 4th and long.

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