The auspices of.. actually, I’m just looking for an excuse to use ‘auspices’ in a sentence

It’s been a while. Lots has happened, but at the same time, it feels like nothing is happening. So I’ll run down everyone else’s happenings, in list form, to prove that I’m always reading. Most of the time, anyway.

Mike got married (and he and Leah should be well into enjoying their honeymoon). Ryan served as best man at the wedding, and gave an inspired toast. Aaron is moving to Edmonton. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Alex shaved his head (again). Kristen was in a movie shoot. Jess and Sarah are in Guadalajara on a mission trip, and continue to provide photographic evidence to that end. Janet continues to refuse to do a simple, prose blog entry, to the continued delight of one of our community’s foremost lurkers (that’d be me).

Jared got a blog, and is currently opining on his affection for country music, and how we’ll all succumb someday (to quote me, “Not if I can help it”). Shawn survived a visit from family, and is contemplating the meaning of life. Brandie spent the weekend at Quad War. I think. I’m not sure. Her recent entry on the subject left this in question.

Tenham the Greater continues to propogate the Canadian invasion of Switzerland. Tenham the Lesser (otherwise known as She Of The Very, Very Pink Blog) is also contemplating life, and her impact on others. Jenn continues to amuse and confuse, while Dave‘s chillin’ and illin’.

Ahub continues to inspire spirited debate with his writings (though, as Steve mentioned, he may be picking a new hero soon. His other one lost his head for a moment) Megan continues to ply her trade at Camp Evergreen.

Danny, a man I know only through the internet, has just moved into an apartment.

Wow, that snowballed quite a bit. Until later, folks.


13 thoughts on “The auspices of.. actually, I’m just looking for an excuse to use ‘auspices’ in a sentence

  1. Anonymous

    Nice post. It’s kinda crazy how busy everyone is, how busy everybody has been…Crazy. Just Crazy.

  2. wordloch

    Wow did I get shunned. I guess being a dad for the first time this comming February isn’t important enough. I guess you didn’t really read between the lines. S’ok. Hope to see you some time soon though. G-man.

  3. Shnuff

    Come on, that was two entries down. I don’t have the time for that sort of digging. Actually, I guess I do.Irregardless, two entries down. TWO. That’s like… almost three.-DaveC

  4. Emmetovich

    I’ve got to admit I had no idea what Graeme was talking about in that post. Now the Papa-G signature makes sense. I thought it was just a moniker for one of our wise and beloved brethren. Kind of like Papa Smurf. Irregardless, congratulations. And good post, Dave.

  5. RavenJP

    The story of our lives, the events, situations, all sourrounding us, spinning, teaching, loving. and hurting. These are the stories God is writing at this very moment, and despite all the comings and goings, the losing and the finding, and you know what, sometimes it sucks, but it is all beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration to live my story for what it is and to see the whole picture.

  6. AstroVandy

    This is a dangerous game to do a summary! But I have to say it made for a very nce read, so thank you. It is increadable how everyone is so busy, that there is something ot think about. Congrat’s Graymen! But 2 is indeed very close to 3, or some would say even 4 (if we consiter 3 to be very close…2~3).
    just my 0.02 CHF

  7. Anonymous

    Cmon now Graeme…you never explicitly stated that there’s going to be a wee-g-person running around.  How are we suppose to interpret PapaG?  It’s like my signing my name “Ho Train”.  Does that mean I operate trains full of Ho’s?  Pfft.

  8. wordloch

    Note to self, keep the kids away from BBCers or they will teach my kids made up words to drive me crazy. Regardless, I’ll tell everyone once more that this summer would be an excellent time to come for a visit before the storke. Especially if I’ve taken all my vacations and Chandel won’t be traveling around Christmas. So those we owe stuffs to, (Aaron and Josh) I hope you can come and collect soon. We’re gonna start to need a page with those push pins to show were we’re all going. But at least we’re all still communicating. What’s the latest on the BBC connection founder and micky? Anyways, i’ll be posting something soon. (not baby stuff). Good post and keep it comming. G-man.

  9. Shnuff

    As Andy said, I play a very dangerous game with summaries, naming people when I might miss someone. As always, if you were not mentioned, feel free to remind me in comments. That’ll learn me. ;)My excuse with Miriam would probably be the lack of a recent update. Yeah. That’s the ticket.-DaveC

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