Revisiting the classics

So I went to church this morning, as I was invited to play on Bob Rowe’s worship team. His initial e-mail was a little funny, as he’d sent it the last week of May, and mentioned he needed to know quickly, as he’d be out of town from the 29th to the 10th of June. And he led worship today, a day after getting back. What a trooper.

Bob’s lineup was entirely hymns, which was fun. Incidentally, I’ve got a hymnal with music written strictly for sax, with written harmonies and the correct key changes. And a lot of them were hymns I hadn’t heard- none of the ‘name’ ones, save for ‘Freely, Freely’ at the end.

In practising, and playing, it was a nice bit of nostalgia, and I really enjoyed playing. As much as I enjoyed the switch to Saturday nights upon our return to Calgary, and the accompanying younger crowd and more modern music, there’s something to be said for the old standards, and the different style. Ryan opined on this at our recent CnC meeting, as I recall- how the old hymns focus more on glorifying and praising God, and His grace and mercy, while the more modern music tends more towards the relationship, and what we get from it. There’s a lot to be appreciated in both schools of thought, I think, and I’m glad that I can.

Speaking of which, Ryan, we had your pick for favourite song- ‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’- surrounded, but we didn’t get to it, sadly. Also, happy birthday, you old lug!

Duane and Sandy Berry were among the crowd this morning, which was good to see. I regret not having the chance to say hello (me and the rest of the church, I figure- they hadn’t made it out of their pew by the time I’d thanked the rest of the team, packed up, taken my stuff out to the car, come back, had a lemonade, chatted with Diane, went back into the sanctuary, thanked John, and received compliments from a few more worshippers before making for the door)

Also, Pastor Gerry was in rare form during his sermon, getting good jibes in at Pastor Linda AND Pastor Scott. I’d have expected that on Saturday, but not today. It was almost unsettling. He’s usually quite reserved in his delivery when he jokes.

He spoke on prayer, and the importance of praying properly, and taking time to listen to God as well as speak. He put it so well when he said: “What can we tell God that He doesn’t already know?”

He had another good analogy when he mentioned how God listening to us was like him listening to his granddaughter: “She loves to talk. She tells me things I’ve heard a hundred times, but I love to hear them. I listen because I love her. And God listens because he loves us.”

I think that’s all. Now to take off this tie.


10 thoughts on “Revisiting the classics

  1. Matuga

    I’m giving you two Eprops just for wearing a tie. Wish I was there to see D&S.I’m giving Bob heck for skipping that song next time I see him.- Dennis

  2. Anonymous

    Are you actually being serious, or are you just jokingi cant tell either, But i am excited lol!

  3. atomic_spirituality

    I’m in a bit of an anti-hymn mood right now… not that I have anything against hymns per se, but our church here in Three Hills sings mostly hymns, and we have what I would call a lack of competent musicians. It really ruins the hymns for me.

  4. Shnuff

    Dennis- we did #58 and #60 in the hymnal, but not Ryan’s fave. We did literally have it surrounded. Bob’s song selection was immaculate, if somewhat obscure.Kim, if you’re not sure, I’m usually joking. I try not to take myself seriously, but life occasionally has other ideas.Shawn, bad musicians can ruin any kind of music. We are blessed to have a cadre (or perhaps a plethora) of talented people in our midst. For the supposed shortage of worship leaders, we do pretty well to trot out the talent we’ve got week after week. We are truly blessed, and occasionally forget that.I think having that variety allows me to appreciate the different styles more. When it’s just one or the other, I would get tired of them (well, I got tired of hymns. Contemporary, probably not).-DaveC

  5. DangeresqueDan

    I was also there I dont know if you saw me but ya Sundays hymns were good. I like what you said and about variety and the diff between hymns and the more modern music. It was a good message as well and of course the sax ripped it up nicely. Anyways tight blog! Now i just gotta take that message and apply it.

  6. Anonymous

    lol, yeah i kinda pickede up on that, but as being on the internet its was kinda hardlol…but you know! lol

  7. InnerFreq

    I like your pastor.
    We do a revisited song for our gospel choir.  It’s a reggae version of Refiner’s Fire.  Nothing like the old hymns though.

  8. DannyBrinker

    “What can we tell God that He doesn’t already know?”He had another good analogy when he mentioned how God listening to us was like him listening to his granddaughter: “She loves to talk. She tells me things I’ve heard a hundred times, but I love to hear them. I listen because I love her. And God listens because he loves us.”*************************
    Probably two of the best statements that I’ve heard all week. Sorry I’m late writing you. I’ve been really busy…I went back to my old job at the mill…just for a closer commute and more money.
    I dont have a pick on classic hymns or modern day worship songs. I think the older hymns are just more worship in my opinion…and the modern day stuff to me is more of “feel good in God” songs. Thats how I see it.

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