Shameless plugs abound

Man, I love this show. As with accompanying movie Serenity, there was a lot Trek higher-ups could have learned from this series. A lot of what they do here wouldn’t have worked in the Trek framework (six-shooters in the future, for one), but I can’t recall a time where sci-fi has been this compelling since DS9 went off the air. I’ve watched about half the episodes thus far, and I’m absolutely hooked.

I’d opine on the in-development ‘Trek’ movie (with Lost and Alias man Abrams at the helm, if memory serves), but at this point, I just hope the idea dies a quick death. Trek needs a break, needs to come back fresh several years down the line, when it hasn’t been shoved down everyone’s throat for about the last twenty years, in any form imaginable. Shows like Firefly need to not be cancelled.

Alright, enough of that.

I can’t do it. I really can’t. I’ve tried to cheer for the Oilers, but every win just twists the knife a little further into my supposedly Flames loving gut. I can live with them knocking off the Ducks, but know that I will be cheering whatever representative the Eastern Conference sends to the Stanley Cup Finals.

(Speaking of which, any leads on the Roloson-Brodeur switching theory?
The third period tonight would seem to debunk that, but… what
happened here? This was NOT a Cup-caliber goalie when the Oilers got
him late in the season. Heck, it wasn’t even an NHL-backup caliber
goalie, from the few games that I saw.)

On the plus side, every Oilers win convinces me they’d have skewered the Flames if they’d manage to eke past the Ducks in the first round. As insufferable as Oilers fans are now (except for Dan Dasko, who was, and will always be, seven flavours of awesome), imagine how they’d be after that travesty.

At least the Pistons are still in the NBA playoffs. Though they deservedly lost to the Heat tonight. Looked real tired, coming off a stupid seven game series with the Cavs, that would have gone five if they hadn’t hit cruise control in about the third quarter of Game 2.

I think that’s all for now.


9 thoughts on “Shameless plugs abound

  1. ahub

    Go Oilers. Iam a Calgarian, but most of all I’m Chinese. I mean…Chinadian. Wait… I wasn’t going for that one either. CANADIAN. That’s the one. And Dan Dasko is at least 8 flavours of awesome. Come on!We’ll see how Phoenix does.

  2. DannyBrinker

    Tales from the Brink….I like it. Its similar to the title I gave my Memoir “On The Brink”…thats the reason why I really like my last name. I can play on so many words with it.

  3. Emmetovich

    I’ve heard about the new Trek movie, and I agree with you. Let the franchise rest for a time. The various series will live on in syndication. Let the upcoming Star Wars TV show tank first, then in a few years roll out another Trek movie. And that is my nerd moment for the day.I am firmly on the Oiler’s bandwagon, but have stopped short of buying a flag or jersey or anything silly like that. Although, if they have any more meltdowns like the second half of the third period the other night, there might not be much to cheer about.

  4. InnerFreq

    THANK YOU!!!  When I found out that the upcoming movie Serenity was actually Firefly.. well, excited was part of my feelings.  Have you seen Final Fantasy VII the movie?  I think you should.
    Good to see you Schnuff.  Thanks for all the support.
    BTW whatever that “thing” is in your profile, that is the very difinition of a schnuff.  Nice.

  5. InnerFreq

    Sorry, one more… 🙂
    Awhile ago your profile pic was Picard, Data, and Riker all head banging in a car.. can you send me that or tell me where you got it from?

  6. DannyBrinker

    Yeah the legend of penis is simply “wow” i couldnt think of a perfecter way to word it myself. So I’ve got “Tales from the Brink” tomorrow again and I really dont know what tale of my life to write about.

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