I’m not really sure what this is


It’s ‘Safeway’, Micky, not ‘Safeways’. Just thought we’d clear that up now. Someone mentioned it, and it was bugging me. Just throwin’ it out there.

I’ve been getting really frustrated watching the NHL and the NBA playoffs of late, partially due to the underachieving of the Flames and the Pistons, the latter of whom will be knocked off in one of the biggest upsets in recent NBA memory if they can’t pick up their game tonight. At this point, I’d say that’s a distinct possibility. They’ve been outplayed since about the third quarter of Game 2, and continually refuse to show the Cavaliers any respect in their words or play. Championship teams don’t turn it on or off like a faucet, and the Pistons, unfortunately, can’t seem to find the ‘on’ switch in this series. That, and Lebron James. Yeah. He’s alright, that kid (and younger than me by about 2 and a half years- that’s downright depressing). The Cavs don’t fear the Pistons, and that’ll only help them develop.

Still a little down over the Flames loss to the Ducks, but I think it’s been enough time that I can support the Oilers without puking. I can do without the self-righteous barbs from Edmontonians in the letters section (and the ‘Why is there more coffee in Edmonton?’ joke was never really that good in the first place), but I’m sure that’s not normal. I still can’t get behind Dwayne Roloson as a playoff goalie (Did somebody switch him with Martin Brodeur when no one was looking? Why hasn’t anyone investigated this possibility?), though the whole ‘battle tested playoff goaltender’ thing seems to be passe in the new NHL. The Herald had a good column today on the playoff survivers, and why they’re still around.

I ended up playing sax with Pastor Linda’s worship team on Sunday, after an impromptu phone call on Thursday night. Just her with guitar and vocals, me, and a keyboard player, and it worked pretty well, all things considered.

Something was wrong with the computer before the service, of course, so I ended up attempting to solve that problem, as well as every other person at the service who’d ever done A/V- ‘How many Powerpoint guys does it take to fix a sound connection?’ sounds more like the opening to a joke than an honest question. We couldn’t figure it out, in any case, but we managed a workaround.

By the way, guys, it WAS Dennis that messed it up, despite my rhetorical statements (“Why would Dennis have messed with that? We weren’t using the computer”) that implied otherwise. He was screwing around with the cables (I don’t recall why right now, but I’m sure he’ll comment and say), so you can bug him for making us all huddle around the computer with five minutes to go before the service.


4 thoughts on “I’m not really sure what this is

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like the problems we had with our youth sound system this past Sunday…we had to scrap our music…and put our youth pastor intern on the spot. Great fun.

  2. Shnuff

    Hmm. There may be some historical evidence of a different name, but current signage at Safeway would suggest otherwise.-DaveC

  3. jktu2

    This is a call out to everyone…I need some raw footage of people doing *staged but real looking* accidents. I’m running a workshop for the Health Region in 2 weeks and need raw footage so participants can edit the footage to make short 30s – 2 min Safety Videos. So…I have cameras, tapes, tripods…need actors, situations, chaos, danger…This could be done before an Ultimate Frisbee event or after a Sat night service at BBC…Please e-mail jktworek@hotmail.com if you’re interested/able to help!

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