In sickness, and in health

Recommending reading for the week, in Micky‘s ongoing blog series on my former employer. As someone who was ‘on the inside’ for so long, it’s been good reading to see what people really think of the franchise, and not just the extremists who’d go out of their way to complain or be sycophants about the whole experience.

I was as sick as I can ever remember being on Wednesday, and it carried over enough that I missed our weekly frisbee game on Thursday (much to my chagrin). Feeling much better now,  after a healthy two-day infatuation with Pepto-Bismol, though I think I’ve eaten the equivalent of two full meals since that fateful day. It’s getting better, slowly.

Also saw Mission Impossible 3 last night in the company of Ryan, Aaron, Dennis, and Alex. A good, solid action movie. Certainly better than the last, though it’s not a classic. Tom Cruise getting back to what he does best.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


3 thoughts on “In sickness, and in health

  1. em1114

    Hey Dave!I saw MI3 last week and i definately agree with your review. Solid action, better than MI2, and definately not a classic. Though, when I saw (I think it was the first Friday that it was out) and there were no more than 12 people in the theater. Thought that was odd.Take care!-Em

  2. Shnuff

    Emerald (my cousin, for the uninitiated), your appearance on my xanga is a pleasant surprise. Welcome to my humble corner of the Xanga-verse. Don’t scare the lurkers.Shawn, if I hear that joke again, I may kill somebody. Not that Tommy-boy isn’t a loon at this point, but in terms of acting, he’s a one trick pony. Thankfully, the MI series fits said trick very well.-DaveC

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