Selective memory

I think he jinxed it, though he wasn’t the only one that was uneasy coming into tonight.

We’re down to eight in the NHL playoffs now (and not always the eight we expected, as Shawn has so casually reminded us), so I’m rolling out the second round of ‘I’m going to be wrong’ predictions:

(5) San Jose over (8) Edmonton in 4
Because I’m a bitter, bitter man.
(6) Anaheim over (7) Colorado in 6
Because they showed me something in the games I watched.

(1) Ottawa over (4) Buffalo in 6
This should be fun to watch. I might actually tune into some of these games.
(3) New Jersey over (2) Carolina in 5
Bandwagon Cup pick, right here!

The Flames aren’t as good as we hoped they were. I’ll let the more intelligent sorts figure out why that is, and look forward to next year.

On the plus side, the Pistons are still in the NBA playoff hunt, so with the Flames out, I can follow them closer now.


6 thoughts on “Selective memory

  1. shakeNshine

    Go Oilers…………..go Ottawa.  At this point…………..any Canadian team that can bring the cup home…………is on my cheer list.   🙂

  2. Shnuff

    Eh, I probably wouldn’t mind seeing the Oilers do well, in the end. If they end up knocking off the Ducks, all the better.Ottawa’s a team I could definately get behind, though.-DaveC

  3. Anonymous

    You should see how cup crazy they are here in Ottawa….it’s kind of scary sometimes.I want to see a Ottawa/Anaheim cup…based on your predictions.

  4. Matuga

    Actually I’m kinda scared of Edmonton. They don’t have anything to lose at this point, and they’ve got a hot goalie. Sound familiar?

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