Now for a little roundball

“There’s a thing for Jared and Angie tomorrow. I should probably go to that.”
-Jared Patterson, talking about his own farewell party (in the third person, no less)

By starting with this, I’ve ensured that only Dennis will comment on this entry, but I figure I’d do the NBA as well, being one of a short list of basketball fans in the area:

(1) Detroit over (8) Milwaukee in 4

(4) Cleveland over (5) Washington in 6

(6) Indiana over (3) New Jersey in 7

(2) Miami over (7) Chicago in 5

(1) San Antonio over (8) Sacramento in 5

(4) Dallas over (5) Memphis in 5

(3) Denver over (6) LA Clippers in 6

(2) Phoenix over (7) LA Lakers in 7

The whole ‘let’s get to bed at a decent hour’ thing isn’t working yet, as predicted. I figured when I quite Safeway, I’d start to get a reasonable pattern going, and try and develop some healthy habits. As it turns out, even with school early most days, I’ve gotten lazier. Not having to get up at ten to five in the morning, while being a blessing, hasn’t done a lot for my self discipline.

I’m a little restless about work for the summer, as I’ve had trouble even getting out and looking (and I don’t really count online searching. That’s cheating). There’s a little anxiety in there- I haven’t really looked for a job in ages, and I don’t tend to have confidence in myself on the best of days- and the general uncertainty that’s been a constant in my life ever since I dropped out of programming at the U of C those few years ago. I’m in an outstanding situation financially, but I don’t want to cool my heels and slack off. I want to be challenged, I want to do something different than I’ve done before, maybe apply what I’ve learned these few months in school. Please pray for me.

Go Flames!


4 thoughts on “Now for a little roundball

  1. mattsheldrake

    What’s the “NBA”? Are you sure you don’t mean “NHL”? Detroit is the first seed, but I don’t think Milwaukee even has a team …
    Go Flames, indeed.

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