This might be a recurring theme, unfortunately

Fearless first round NHL playoff predictions, with bonus one sentence analysis from the man who will invariably be wrong:

(1) Ottawa over (8) Tampa Bay in 6
Defending champs give Ottawa a scare, but the mighty Senators eventually take care of buisness.
(4) Buffalo over (5) Philadelphia in 7

Worst time of the year for a goaltending controversy in Philly.
(2) Carolina over (7) Montreal in 5

See above, except in Montreal.
(3) New Jersey over (6) New York in 5

Jersey was my upset pick before they won the division on the last day.


(1) Detroit over (8) Edmonton in 5

Thanks for coming out, boys.

(5) San Jose over (4) Nashville in 5

Wrong team, wrong time, bad karma for Nashville with the Vokoun injury.
(2) Dallas over (7) Colorado in 6

Theodore could make this series go either way, but you know Turco’s solid.

(3) Calgary over (6) Anaheim in 6

Like the prior series, there should be some great goaltending- but which JS Giguere will we see?

Early pick for the Cup? Detroit.

I don’t have any real upsets here, which kind of annoys me. There’s always one or two.
Alright, let’s make one:
(8) Tampa Bay over (1) Ottawa in 7
Given Ottawa’s history with the playoffs, and the possibility of their goaltending becoming an issue, this seems like a good bet. Plus it’ll give the Toronto media about two weeks to opine on how the Leafs would have beaten the Senators if they’d made the playoffs, which’ll be solid gold.

I wanted to write more non-sports stuff, but I’ll save it for another entry, once I’ve corrected my sleeping patterns. Which might happen about February of next year, the way it’s going. Toodles.


5 thoughts on “This might be a recurring theme, unfortunately

  1. atomic_spirituality

    Gotta disagree. Edmonton is going to pound Detroit for two reasons:
    1) Nothing will stand between Edmonton getting a shot at Calgary in the finals. Of course, once they meet Calgary, their playoff run ends there.
    2) Last season, Detroit was the top team in the league during the regular season, then they choked in the finals. Can’t say as I’ve seen a lot of change in them this year.

  2. Shnuff

    If they really wanted to play Calgary, they’d have taken home the #6 seed.Having seen Roloson play some down the stretch (and let in some Downy-soft goals), I’m confident that my prediction will stand up. That one could even be a sweep, but Legace’s a playoff rookie. He might cost ’em a game.You and I will have to agree to disagree on our assessments of Detroit. For my money, this is not the ’04 Detroit team that Calgary pounded into submission in the conference semis. No Brett Hull, lesser roles for Shanahan and Yzerman (they’ll get stronger as the playoffs go along) and the young guys have really matured.-DaveC

  3. mickyo

    Dave, Do you really think Edmonton can taking Detroit to 5.  You are a bit of an Oilers homer I think.  I’d like to see Detroit out, but they will win in 4. 

  4. shakeNshine

    hockey /sleep……………hockey /sleep……………… /sleep……….oh what am I talking about…….HOCKEY……… lol lol    like you said………….there’s always next Feb  😉  wink wink

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