M-V-P! M-V-P!

So Mom and Dad arrived Wednesday night, and it seems like it’s been
non-stop since then. Spent most of the day yesterday painting and
cutting (with a little studying sprinkled in- apparently, I have exams
again) before the Flames game yesterday night.

In addition to applying another coat to the kitchen area (the same
colour- not really wanting to change too much), we’re adding what they
call an ‘accent wall’ to our TV room- a dark, earthy green was the
colour Dennis and I eventually settled on. After a trip to Home Depot
to pick up the essentials (and a nice, long wait in the paint-mixing
line) I assisted in applying the first coat yesterday, and will likely
jump in again sometime this afternoon, after I’ve attempted to absorb
some more facts for those aforementioned exams.

We’re also adding a ‘chair rail’ in the kitchen (that’s why the
cutting), and painting under the chair rail in that same green colour
as the accent wall. So far, it looks really good.

The Flames game was, of course, a fantastic experience for all- even
Mom, a modest sports fan at the best of times, quite enjoyed it.
Kiprusoff was, of course, spectacular, in a 2-0 Flames victory. 
Would have been about 5-1 with anyone else in net.

Good back-and-forth action the whole night- the Flames were a little
sloppy in their own zone, their defensemen seeming to turn over the
puck a lot. Dennis fingered Roman Hamrlik as a culprit a few times, Dad
and I both picked on Andrew Ference, and Dad admitted that Dion
Phanuef, for Pierre McGuire’s relentless hyping of the rookie (Dad made
the remark that “maybe he should adopt him”) made a couple rookie
mistakes himself. Though the puck WAS taking some weird bounces on that
ice. Not that the Flames are a great puckhandling team at the best of
times, but this was out of character for a team that usually takes good
care of the puck.

Jose Theodore, making his second start for Colorado, more than held his
own, only letting one get by him the whole night. When the 3 stars were
announced at the end of the game, it was unfathomable to me that he
wasn’t one of them. Rob Blake? Really? For what? Thankfully, the Herald
corrected that oversight in their own analysis today.

Milan Hedjuk may be having an off year, but aside from Sakic, he may
have been most dangerous player on the ice yesterday. He crossed up
more than
a few Flames players.

Reason #14505 that my Dad is smarter than me: He suggested during
Colorado coach Joel Quenneville’s timeout before the 5-on-3 that this
could be a “TSN Turning point”, depending on what happened. Anyone else
remember those? No? Alright, moving on. My point is, this turned out to
be prophetic.

Chants of “M-V-P, M-V-P!” started in about the second period, after
Kipper gamely turned back the Avs during two seperate sequences in that
where somebody on the Flames broke a stick (Dad was irate that this
happened twice, and I couldn’t blame him). Once it was killed off, Dion
Phanuef notched the Flames first goal a short time later, which stood
as the game winner.

Colorado pulled their goalie with about a minute and a half left in the
game, trailing by one. This initially confused me, as that seemed like
a lot of time left for them to be in desperation mode, only down by
one. I remarked on this to my father, who reminded me that Colorado
needed to win out to have a chance at the division- which meant that an
OT game did not help them. The realization made, I returned to watching
the game.

Amonte soon notched the game winner, and for all the bad bounces he’s
had of late, this was good for him. Though that goal against the Wild
the other night was so much better, if just because it bounced off the
defenseman’s stick.

Jersey of the night: Dad saw a #16 Craig Berube jersey, which is seven
flavours of awesome. Outside of the gal who got rookie Mark Giordano’s
jersey at the end of the game (part of a promotion- all the players
gave away the jerseys off their backs to randomly picked fans), that
might be one you’ll never see again.

Exchange of the night (warning: in-joke): I overheard this on the sardine-packed C-Train coming home:

“If Edmonton wins a couple, they might draw Dallas again.”
“Really? That’s never happened. Especially in the playoffs.”
“Wonder how that’ll turn out.”


With the playoffs approaching, I recall this from a prior entry, regarding the Flames Stanley Cup hopes:

Sports Illustrated, apparently, has picked them to win the Stanley Cup,
which is as good a kiss of death as you can get. The Flames are toast.
Admittedly, this is a better team than the one that limped through Game
7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (anyone else remember the immortal Brennan
Evans, pulling shifts on D for them against Detroit? yeah, me neither),
but to expect Kipper to be as good as he was last year is a little
silly. I don’t expect a JS Giguere-like fall off the face of the earth,
but he’ll be a little more mortal. And the Flames won’t be sneaking up
on anybody this year. Every team in the league will be gunning for them
from day 1, and that will wear on them as the season goes along.

This might be the cynic in me speaking, but I just can’t see them
winning it all. The fan in me wants them to (desperately wants them to,
after coming so close last time), but I can’t see it happening.
Something WILL go wrong. I expect them to win their division (since the
Canucks and Avs got worse), and finish 2nd or 3rd in the conference,
and get knocked out in the second round.

Wow. I got it right, though their offense has somehow managed to get
worse instead of better. We’ll have to see how the playoffs shake out.
I’d love to be wrong, but I think I’ll stick to my guns here. A second
round matchup with the Stars should be a dynamite series. One round at
a time, though.

Whiffed on this:

To expect Kipper to be as good as he was last year is a little
silly. I don’t expect a JS Giguere-like fall off the face of the earth,
but he’ll be a little more mortal.

Yeeeeeeeeeah. 10 shutouts, candidate for the Vezina and the Hart Trophy
(thought not the Jennings for lowest goals against, I think)? Once
again, I’m glad to be wrong here.

I believe it is lunchtime, so I shall bid you good day.


4 thoughts on “M-V-P! M-V-P!

  1. miguel_senchez

    This entry needs more e-props.  I watched that game on pay-per-view.  It was sweet. Not unlike this post. Sounds like you guys had a great time.  How do you like the Anaheim vs Calgary matchup for round 1?  I heard a poll that most people would prefer that they played Nashville in the first round than Anaheim.  Am I crazy or have they not won a single game against Nashville this year?  Oh well, the point is moot now.  Hopefully we make round 2 and get to worry about that kind of stuff again. 

  2. Shnuff

    Nashville lost their starting goalie recently, that’s probably why a poll would show that. I’m not so sure, as they’ve got a little more firepower than the Ducks. And we could barely beat Vancouver’s third string goalie last year (but as it turns out, he ended up pretty good).Another post looms.-DaveC

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