The H is silent

This might be an entirely ‘You Had To Be There’ post, but we’ll see how it goes.

God does have a sense of humor. It’s sunny and beautiful this
afternoon, after a crummy day last night when we tried to start TOOTH
(The Order Of The Hfrisbee) again.

A proud salute to the hardy few (another shout to Tyler, who’ll be in Europe for the next few months, and unable to partake) who did make it out, and those who have encouraged me in this endeavour, but are taking care of somewhat more important buisness on Thursday nights (not naming names, because that’s not how I roll).

Highlights included Tyler scoring twice for both sides (we had a
floater, since we didn’t have enough for two good sized, even teams),
and Alex‘s dynamite end-to-end throw on the short field to finish up the game.

We’ll probably skip next week on account of the Flames game (we have
tickets! Thanks, Mom and Dad!), but I’ll solicit opinions, look at the
forecast, make a decision, and send out the email on Monday- if you
aren’t on the TOOTH email list, and want to be, let me know.
Alternately, if you are, and don’t want to be, you’re a terrible human
being. Despite that, I’ll take you off anyway.

I’ve heard modestly optimistic feedback on moving frisbee to Tuesdays (and possibly combining it with wings in some fashion- Ryan‘s
idea, though I don’t know if any of us are in any condition to be in
public after such exertion), or doing daytime games on the weekend
every once in a while. Y’know, when it’s sunny and nice and stuff.
Though I’d love to see that glow-in-the-dark frisbee in action at least

Also… we’re getting tape, or ribbon, so we can tell teams. Gonna buy the largest roll I can find. And then two more.

Let me know, in any case. Email, comment, IM, I don’t care. As acting
TOOTH VP of Wit, Wisdom, and Barbecue Chips (and email junkie) I need
to hear back from you. Heck, even if you’re not a TOOTH charter member
(and if you aren’t, why?), let’s hear it.

Mom and Dad coming in next week for Easter ‘n stuff. So we’ve got about
5 days to clean the kitchen. Dennis said we’d do it on the weekend,
which means we’ll probably start about 8ish Sunday night.

One more week of school for this semester. Yeah, exams, but… one more week. I can’t believe it’s already done.

That means I need a job. Time to start lookin’.

That’s all.


4 thoughts on “The H is silent

  1. shakeNshine

    or you can call Dan…………….he’s hiring for College Pro……:)
    I had to laugh when you said that you’ll start cleaning up Sun nite…………nothing like keeping everything on a schedule and not getting bent out of shape and overdoing anything!!!!!!!!  lol lol lol   have a super duper week with mom and dad.   ***hug***   ps……..I hope you’re going to hide an egg or two and make them hunt for it………… do realize it’s your turn now!!!     😉

  2. wordloch

    Toot(h) happens here at the legislature sundays at 2:30 pm. wow does the grass grow really green at the government here…..they must use manure. later peeps. G-man.

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