Open up your box of sunshine

That trade for Dwayne Roloson is working out real well for the Flames.

I WAS going to copy the look/layout/feel/text of Alex‘s
site for April Fool’s today, right down to prior entries being deleted,
but then I realized I have a year and a half of entries to go through.
And that would take an incredibly long time. And I’d have to change it
all back tomorrow. And it, like so many things, probably wouldn’t have
been nearly as funny in execution as it was in my head.

Lacking any other inspiration, I have my notes from Pastor Scott’s sermon tonight- Ryan,
I think you’d have gotten a lot out of this, for reasons that elude me
now, but were crystal clear to me then. He spoke on the dangers of
complacency, and one of the biggest mistakes Christians make in their
walk with Christ. The scripture was Luke 10:25-37- the story of the
Good Samaritan.

The notations- not as many as I usually make, but these were the points that stood out to me:

– There is danger in trying to be respectable: when we get complacent
– Measuring success by numbers of people rather than real, personal growth in each person. What does God think is important?
– If loving God is the greatest commandment, then not loving Him is the greatest sin
– In order to recieve Christ, we must also love Him
– Flawed reasoning: If we’ve found Him, we do not need to continue to seek Him
– We cannot allow complacency

And then, Scott challenged us with 5 tasks:
1) Tie up loose ends in your life. Seek forgiveness, play debts, set aside time for personal prayer.
2) Put away un-Christian habits. Do not condemn others- worry about yourself.
3) Focus on Jesus Christ – make Him the one in whom you find fulfillment.
4) Open your heart to the Holy Spirit. Everyone is as full of the Spirit as they want to be.
5) Be hard on yourself, and gracious to others.

We out.


10 thoughts on “Open up your box of sunshine

  1. Emmetovich

    Thanks for the sermon notes. I was otherwise occupied helping the Sheldrakes move into their new home yesterday, but managed to get to church this morning. It was a very good messsage. I forgot to turn my clock ahead last night, but I did get there in time for the sermon.

  2. shakeNshine

    thanks…… we were ready to go but my little one couldn’t at the last minute…………:)   At least I know now what I missed………good sermon……….excellent notes!!!

  3. Anonymous

    oh sorry. i thought you wanted an answer. well yeah I’m going to continue not drinking. this is very important to me.

  4. Anonymous

    dont worry bout it Dave. I’m still sober. and I plan on staying that way. Right now I just need some space…so while yes I’ll read and leave comments I have a few things going on so I wont really be posting any new material.

  5. Anonymous

    hey dave. i posted a very important blog on xanga….anyway I hope everything is going to be cool with us. you’re a great guy. Talk to you later.

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