Return of the Links

I’m home today, so the links return, in bite-sized form.

I highly recommend Serenity(even if you’re not familiar with Firefly, though it might help), especially to Trek fans who think recent incarnations of the series needed a breath of fresh air. Paramount higher-ups could have learned a thing or two from this flick.

The more recent arrivals to the BBC blogring have managed to put some pressure on the incumbents. Ryan got knocked onto the second page of shame (courtesy of Alex’s reboot) for the first time in a long while (with barely ten days having gone by since his last post, though to be fair, he was in the process of making a new one when he was so knocked), though his comeback post was spectacular.

Duke and Gonzaga are out of the NCAA tournament, ruining Final Four brackets everywhere. I’d probably have picked Duke too, were I the sort who was anywhere close to accurate on such things.

Having said that, I think the Jays’ll end this year right where they left off in the AL East last year: Third place. Just a closer third than in years past. The Yankees need a couple more years to decompose.

We out.


6 thoughts on “Return of the Links

  1. Anonymous

    I love the linkage. It definately makes my own posts shameful and lacking…maybe cause I’m just too lazy to look up links.For the Reboot, you should have used the TV show (that one that was always on YTV)….I loved that show, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  2. shakeNshine

    lol lol lol……….I see you’ve made up for any time away………………oh genie of the links…… **bows**………….  rofl   ;)ps……..thanks for the trek web………can never have too much of a good thing!!!!!!   srofl

  3. no_wings

    I liked Star Trek Voyager!! Janeway was more man than Picard ever was. . . but no one can deny Enterprise was crap. Especially killing off Trip. Trip was seriously the only reason I watched anymore. . .

  4. StarFox6699

    Woa! Linkage mania man lolYou either are more skilled then we are for making posts like that or we are just too lazy or you just had WAY too much time on your hands lol JKEither other way Nice Man :)Oh and I’m SO with Waiting_To_Explode with that you should have used the Reboot show. It sucks how the good shows are gone from us and are a pain/expencive to buy them back since they are mostly in the USA on DVD…(Stupid exchange rate and stupid sites that DON’T ship to Canada… *Grumbles*)

  5. Shnuff

    The internet is sadly lacking in good ReBoot sites, according to a Google search on the subject. I’d already used IMDB once, so I couldn’t use it again.The link does go to a lacking-in-eye-candy fansite, but that’s all I could get.-DaveC

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