Sometimes the night seems to go on for days

Quick sports thoughts before we begin:

Nice to see that the Flames now have a quality backup goalie in Brian Boucher. I guess 47 shots on goal might do that, but this does not bode well.

Also, I give this
one year before ending badly, based on the progression (and the roster
bonus they’ve built in for just that occasion- good thinking).

Cuba-Japan in the WBC final? Sounds good to me. I’ll take Cuba in that matchup.

Had a C&C thing after church tonight- pancakes (crepes? I can’t
remember) with whipped cream and strawberries, group dance routines of
all sorts (I can’t recall why, other than Linda insisting on it- the Ho Train
was snapping pictures at random times, so there is visual evidence of
various sorts ‘cutting a rug’), and serious thoughts on Lent and

And two great games of ping-pong with Dan, of which I pulled a split out of after an incredible comeback in the second one.

Back on topic- I’ve missed this sort of small group time (though like
our last one, calling it a ‘small’ group is something of a misnomer),
where we’re honest and contemplative, and have deep, meaningful
discussions about God, and ourselves. It’s not something I’ve made time
for on my own recently, and have missed over the past couple of years
(especially the prayer times, which are easily the best part of any
evening). It demonstrates how much we need the support and fellowship
of others, person to person. No man (well, no ONE) is an island.

I have to keep reminding myself of this.

I’ve heard it referred to as ‘little-man’ syndrome, and I know I suffer
from it. When you’re not a ‘tough’ guy, not the picture of masculinity,
but you want to be. Being that way, I do question my own fortitude.
More often then I’ll admit. So it’s instinct to bottle it up, keep my
woes locked away. Be the tough guy.

I can take it myself. Well, maybe I needed help on this one.

Suck it up, and move on. Sometimes… but not all the time.

Boys don’t cry. No… we do. And we should.

You learn that being a man- a part of being human- is being brave
enough to admit you’re not going to make it this time. You need help.
You need the support of family, friends, those around you.

Just as Linda insisted tonight: I’m called not only to be a friend to
others, but to allow others to be friends to me in my time of need.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes the night seems to go on for days

  1. Anonymous

    hey…just got your comment….i’ve heard of those lawn mowers but i’ve never used one and i dont think my mom owns one…but even with a gas powered one its going to be wicked because i cant explain just how much land she has….i’m actually looking forward to it….anyway i’m out for now, i’ll be back around tuesday where I guess I’ll address all of the controversy surrounding my desisions lately…i sent Joe an uber long comment where i tried to answer his questions but i’m not sure if i did or not…I’ll try to explain myself better on tuesday night…see you then.

  2. shakeNshine

    GR8 POST!!!!!!!!!!!      it’s like music to my ears to hear that a core is again forming to bring together the youth of the church.  There is nothing more encouraging to know that you have peers that can be called upon in times of need.  Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!    And more often than not……….when we can be called upon for those prayers………….it becomes our blessing!!!  So again I say……….GR8  POST!!!     ******hug******     
    ok………one little eenie weenie neg thought………you use the words……”suck it up”   I gotta admit that phrase just totally sends me for a loop…… I get so bent when I hear those words.   As born again children of God……….we never ever have to suck it up.  If it’s something too heavy to carry………HE will do the lifting.  If it’s something we need corrected in our own life to be better equipped HE provides.  If it’s something that might seem little………and we shouldn’t take offense………….then HE is able to heal the hurt……..and give us the grace to forgive…………..and move forward.  I hope this makes sense………………..cause you never have to “suck it up” again!!!!!!!!!    🙂  ***hug***

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