Close, but not quiite there

Let’s bring it down a notch.

So Canada, after beating the favourite and going 2-1 in the first
round, is out of the World Baseball Classic. A better result for the
future of the WBC (since it’d kill TV ratings in the States if the host
team was out), but after watching that inspired victory over the United
States, they deserved better. It’s just a shame that that inspired
effort was sandwiched between two mediocre efforts (a near loss to
South Africa, and a loss to Mexico) where our boys gave up a bunch of

Also strange to see Blue Jay Vernon Wells and former Jay manager Buck
Martinez on the US team. Not that it doesn’t fit on both counts, but
after a time, you associate them as being Canadian.

So I’ve been on the quest to find the perfect potato chip flavour.
Specifically, a flavor of barbecue chip that doesn’t suck. Ever since
Lays took out that Hot BBQ a couple of years ago (working at a grocery
store, I was one of the first ‘in the know’ on this), I haven’t been
able to find one. Apparently it was discontinued because it didn’t
sell- I was perplexed by this, as it was perpetually out whenever I was
stocking the chips.

This is one area where the Eastern provinces get it right- Hostess and
Humpty-Dumpty chips beat Old Dutch and Lays right out of the water with
their BBQ. None of this ‘Sweet BBQ’ baloney. I want something that
burns my tongue.

(Also, what happened to the Ruffles Barbecue flavor? That disappeared a
short time before the Lays did. This confounds me, that they would
eliminate quality flavors in favor of such mediocrity as Dill Pickle,
and Salsa).

The rippled Old Dutch smoky barbecue is ok, but I long for the days of the real Lays barbecue.

After the real barbecue, sour cream and onion would be second on the
chip flavor pantheon. Tried the Old Dutch rippled sour cream and green
onion the other day, and quite liked it. Might have been the ripples
(I’ve always liked the Ruffles as well). The salt and pepper is ok too,
but could use a little kick.

In conclusion: mmm…. barbecue.


7 thoughts on “Close, but not quiite there

  1. Anonymous

    Shall I bring you out some BBQ chips when I come in this May? Being east of you…I probably have access to them.(I’m also going to New Brunswick for a few days next month, so I’m going to go even MORE east!)

  2. Shnuff

    Haha, Miriam, that would be dynamite, but don’t worry about it. This was mostly in jest. I think Hostess went the way of the dinosaur when we were in Ontario before, but Humpty-Dumpty might still be around. The trick, I figure, would be fitting it into your luggage without popping the bag (our folks have done this before- they like the Humpty Dumpty’s too).If you are a potato chip afficianado (and a practitioner of the barbecue flavor, as I am), I would certainly encourage you to try them, in any case. If not… then… bleh.-DaveC

  3. i_fly_free

    mmm barbeque… and ketchup, did you know the americans dont know ketchup can be simulated into a flavor.  But atleast they have one thing right, its zee not zed.

  4. StarFox6699

    No susprise there that the Good Stuff goes bye bye on us…Stupid companies that thinks something dosent sell when it does…Dont they ever learn thats a good way to pizz off your custmores when you make something so good then all of a sudden take it all away and leave us craving it without the ability to ever have more?…Aoy! Oh well. Hopefully your quest will come to a Tasty/Spicy end lol :)Richard

  5. Emmetovich

    Americans don’t even have that right, Lisa. “Zed” predates “zee” by quite some time. “Zed” is correct in all British Commonwealth nations. Americans are the only English-speaking people to use “zee”. Seeing as Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth, and we are most certainly not Americans, it is incorrect to say “zee”.Thus, while you were away last year, I always thought that you were at Zed-Jam. I also have a La-Zed-Boy recliner in my living room.

  6. Anonymous

    i hate to hear that bout canada….i was pulling for them…anyway, yeah Desperado is a great song….one of their best.

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