Stand, climb, and fall

On a sports bent tonight.

Watched the Flames win. I suppose that’s good. New acquisition Cale
Hulse showed an uncanny penchant for taking penalties (one a period),
and otherwise decent physical play. Dude’s HUGE, too. Just what the
Flames needed- another big defenseman.

One of the Sportsnet guys made the comment that the Flames already had
a number of defensemen who could move the puck, and could use another
big guy- which initially made me say, “Whaaaaaat?”, but after some
thought, saw his line of thinking. You could argue Dion Phaneuf, Andrew
Ference (who’s having a solid year offensively) and Jordan Leopold (who
should be) and Roman Hamrlik as being offensively inclined. Still, when
you think of the Flames defensemen, don’t you think of guys who can hit?

Speaking of which, having listened to that whole game, I’m not a big
fan of Roger Millions’ play-by-play. I’ve yet to pin down the reason.

Raptors fans everywhere are celebrating in the streets over the hiring
of Bryan Colangelo from the Suns as GM- as well they should be. He’s as
good as anyone in the league at what he does- just take a look at his
track record in Phoenix. They’ve been good for years.

One thing that does bother me about it is that he essentially held the
same position in Phoenix. There were rumors of his going to Toronto
while he was still at Phoenix- isn’t that tampering? So he resigns, and
goes to Toronto barely three days later, for a similar position (with
more money, and a vague reference to “more control over personnel”). I
just can’t shake the uneasiness.

Eh, I’m looking into the horse’s mouth, methinks. Today is a great day to be a Raptors fan.

Looking forward to seeing Canada get just shellacked in the World Baseball Classic.

Kidding aside, I’m glad baseball’s back, and it’ll be interesting to
see how the tournament shakes down, and how many injuries end up
playing into the regular season. The timing wasn’t great- I’d have done
it after the season, like the world championships in hockey. It’s just
too bad all our good hurlers (Dempster, Gagne- Harden?) had to beg off.



4 thoughts on “Stand, climb, and fall

  1. Anonymous

    Hey man thanks for the support…anyway I’m back from court and the results are on my page. Talk to you later

  2. Matuga

    I’m scratching my head at why Colangelo left a perennial winner – a team he helped to create, in the middle of the season- for a team like the Raptors. In sports that makes no sense, because nobody does these things for the challenge of it.

  3. Shnuff

    The reasons are out there ( has at least two columns about it)- money, the fact his father sold the team to another owner, and said owner had not talked to him about a contract extension.-DaveC

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