So get the word out, I’ve gotta get out

Well, if my agonizing doesn’t kill me, my absentmindedness might. Looking both ways before crossing the street, and such. (Andrew,
you were talking about portable music players isolating people the
other day- I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what you were getting at, but it
did make your point somewhat more poignant)

Thanks again for the prayers and support- the situation has been
resolved, for the moment. You all rock my world, more than you’ll ever
know (Speaking of rocking my world, Hi Mom! Hi Dad!).

Lost our Monday night curling game, but it was a close one. With both our skips out of town next week, we’ve drafted Dennis
to play for us again. Between the fight to the death between Rob and
Vern over who’ll skip (neither of them want to) and Dennis’ winning
streak against my losing streak (I think I’ve lost five in a row, not
counting Mom and Dad’s mixed league game in Saskatoon, which we
dominated), there’s going to be some classic battles next week.

We may have to tape 24, though, which would be unfortunate (Admittedly,
they’ve had some genuine head-scratching moments this season. But it
hasn’t reached ‘Watch only if I’m home’ status just yet).

I’m not entirely certain as to how and why I’ve taken a shine to
curling recently, after a youth dominated by sports such as basketball,
baseball, and street hockey. Perhaps it’s an age thing (as adult
curling leagues are easier to find than basketball, and the softball
leagues I’ve seen have a minimum age of 25).

I think part of it is the strategy, and the deliberation- I love
strategizing, especially with curling and football, games where you
have time to think between shots/plays. Admittedly, I don’t get to call
shots at this point (that’s what the skip is for), but it’s still fun
to look at where the rocks are and ponder the options.

Like golf a “fun to play, hard to watch” sport. Though somewhat less expensive to get into.

That’s all, folks.


6 thoughts on “So get the word out, I’ve gotta get out

  1. Anonymous

    Is it weird having your twin brother post on your site when he’s probably within earshot right now?

  2. Shnuff

    We’ve had our moments with that.We may have to do a back-and-forth some night, where we just go for the comment record on one entry or something.-DaveC

  3. shakeNshine

    glad to hear your prayers were answered……………and as for curling……has nothing to do with age.  It’s all in getting involved in the sport………..just ask the 7th graders in any school participation program.   It’s one of those sports that just doesn’t happen……………till you’re in the game!!!!!!!  And fortunately you can stay in the game for almost……forever!!! lol lol lol

  4. Emmetovich

    I must admit that I enjoy both playing and watching golf. Curlilng, too. I can think of few things better than laying on the couch on a summer Sunday afternoon with the patio doors open, a light breeze carrying through my apartment, a bowl full of snacks, and the final round of a golf tournament. I usually end up having a great nap.In watching curling I usually end up getting more involved. This comes from growing up watching curling on TV while hearing my dad talk about the shots that should have been called. Given his extensive curling record in his younger days, I usually bowed to his superior experience and wisdom in this manner.

  5. Shnuff

    Well, golf IS good for napping. Braves baseball, too, for reasons I can’t quite explain (Jon Miller’s voice seems to do that to me).And I do catch myself strategizing when I watch curling on TV, but I’m usually wrong.-DaveC

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