What time is it?

5 blog links in this sucker- do I get royalties for this? Or am I just overly ambitious?

Usually, if I’m out late, I’ll be up for another hour or so, no matter
what time it is. This is not unusual- this has happened after work, and
is an almost weekly occurence on Saturdays now. Just wind down, read a
book or something, and turn in, right? Sounds good. So today, we got
home shortly after 2…

….then I look up, and it’s almost 4 in the morning. Weeeee. Go insomnia. You get a blog post.

If I were working at 6, my alarm would be going off in about an hour.
I’ve done the ‘stay-up-through-the-night-and-work thing before, and let
me tell you, it’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. You’re
jabbing yourself with plastic utensils during breaks to stay awake.
Never again.

(Did I mention how much I enjoy not having to work?)

Games night at Andy‘s was cool- actually won a game of Settlers, fending off late charges by Andy and Candice ( a nod to gameshark Micky,
who I had ticketed to win, but didn’t get the rolls). This was after
one loss, and one half-loss (came in for a guy who had to leave- he was
in bad shape, though. I can’t reasonably accept blame for that

In other news, Alex makes his guitaring debut tomorrow at the church (another nod to fellow BBCer Jess,
who’ll be on drums). I was going to be a superfan, and paint his name
on my stomach or something, but I figure I’d get about halfway through
‘A’ before declaring it a lost cause (because I’m skinny, see).

In the absence of that outlet, I’m attempting to come up with a nickname. Suggestions?

Alright, now I’m getting tired. That’s it.


10 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. atomic_spirituality

    A nickname for Alex? A few of the obvious spring to mind instantly… “A-Rod” (cause he’s skinny too), “A-Train”, “A-Bomb”.
    Since he’s playing guitar, you could call him “Alex Van Wardrop” (kinda an homage to Eddie and Alex of the Van Halen fame)
    This one’s kinda long, but if you could get him to wear a bandana and those funky hippie glasses, you could go with “Alex in Wonderland” (insert drug related jibe at Lewis Carrol here)
    That’s the best I can do after rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning… 

  2. DangeresqueDan

    Hey welcome to the winners circle Andy’s place was quite good. Its a shame i couldnt stay to see that second game. As for nicknames man im blank. Good seeing you again. Peace

  3. jonnyhartney

    my oh my, I could sit and watch your profile pic for hours, that’s hilarious!(coincidentally if it changes from the star trek animated gif by the time someone reads this, disregard the comment altogether 🙂 )  

  4. Anonymous

    Hey dude I appreciate your words…I probably would’ve folded like a cheap tent if it wasnt for support from friends…like yourself. I dont know I’ve been through a lot and its made me the proverbial “tough man” in hard times…or something like that.

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