Back in the saddle

Back in Calgary. Who asked for snow? I didn’t.

The trip was fantastic. I won’t bore you with details.

But I will take a moment to disagree with Micky, and look at how it’s a great day for Canadian sports fans:

1) 2 gold and 2 silver medals today- just about owned the podium at the women’s 1500 speedskating. Go Canada!

2) The Steve Francis
trade. The Knicks were already solid gold for comedy value in the NBA,
and this just makes it so much better. He and Marbury will be sniping
at each other by the end of the week.

Too bad Rob Babcock got fired (in this instance, anyway)- he still wouldn’t be the worst GM in the league that has the Knicks.

3) Just over a week until the Jays’ first spring training game. I’m
excited- moreso than usual, with the Jays’ offseason moves, despite my
own documented skepticism on them.

Now, a little something that’s been boiling since about… 3:40 this afternoon.

(Warning: Opinions follow. Harmful if swallowed. Please don’t hurt me.)

Regarding “the loss” today: I’m as disappointed as anyone- I’ve come to
appreciate and enjoy watching hockey, despite my preference for warmer
sports. I’ve especially enjoyed watching Olympic hockey, and loved
watching Canada win in Salt Lake in 2002.

But really, Canada losing in men’s hockey is not the end of the world
as we know it. I’m not looking forward the inevitable media crush on
the team and the loss,
the “What’s wrong with Canadian hockey?” articles and features that’ll
be beaten to
death and back, and the inevitable 8 part TSN special on how not
playing Brian McCabe enough made them lose, hosted by crack hockey
analyst Bob McKenzie.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Then again, not playing McCabe actually might have helped, but then we’d never
hear the end of it from the boys on “Hockey Night in Toronto”. Back to
the rant.)

The rest of the world CAN play hockey, despite what we might think. The
Finns whipped us. Russia beat us (though I missed most of that game,
courtesy of the flight back). The Swiss goalies bailed them out. Maybe
in four years Latvia gets some scorers, and knocks us out. Good on ’em
if they do.

Losing is part of the game- it happens to everyone. It’ll happen to the
Canuck women, one of these days. And that’ll be a great day for women’s
hockey, just as Sweden winning the silver will do great things for
women’s hockey in their country.

Parity is a beautiful thing (See: Football League, National).
And, sad to say, the other countries have more than caught up to the
hockey’s adopted country. Good for them. Let’s take a deep breath,
learn from this, and come back strong in Vancouver.

Congratulations to Russia on outplaying our boys, and winning the game today.


3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Matuga

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA.Oh Isiah, you crack me up. The sad thing is, if he didn’t have Marbury…or Rose..this might’ve been a half-decent trade of getting rid of two spare parts for an all-star, but now that he’s in salary cap fix for the next five years at least, the Knicks are toast.In terms of players, they came out ahead, but in terms of payroll…wow. Not sure how you can have that many guards/fowards and pay them that much. And this is all before Jerome James.

  2. Shnuff

    Thanks, Penny. Dennis, I’d like to continue our discussion- Let me explain this trade a little better for the interested, but uninformed. In terms of straight talent, the Knicks did very well in this trade. It wasn’t even close. I mean, Francis for Ariza and someone that likely won’t ever suit up again (Penny Hardaway- now THERE’s a blast from the past)? Pretty easy on that score.But, moneywise, and for team chemistry…. they got screwed. Hardaway’s contract is up this year, and Ariza makes chicken feed. They’re on the hook for Francis for 4 more years after this one, I think- and that value goes up. More money for them to burn, I guess.The deeper they go, the worse it gets. The Knicks needed to do the opposite thing- get guys whose contracts are up this year, and start from scratch. Blow the whole thing up. But they can’t, because they’re New York. For a hockey example, recall the New York Rangers of 2004? Same idea. But they DID blow it up- and see where they are now? Doing surprisingly well, and they’re only going to get better.But as for the Knicks, It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.-DaveC

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