Just checking in before we eat, and make for the airport, whereupon we’ll fly to Saskatoon.

The flight will be short enough that I won’t bother with a carry-on- my
spacious (and pocket-laden) winter jacket allows for the easy storage
of as many as four novels (of which I am bringing two, since I’m almost
done one), and my portable music unit. Basically, it’s “we’re in the
air” and then “we’re on final approach”, in the span of an hour.

I like the experience of driving there, which would also allow for more flexibility in when we go/come back, but it’s winter.

Speaking of which (the ‘portable music unit’), SonicStage
might be the worst music transferring program ever. It crashed my
laptop four times this afternoon when I was trying to transfer songs.
I’m talking ‘blue screen of death’ type crashes, not the garden-variety
‘program only’ sort that we all know and tolerate. Though there was one
of those too, once I fixed the problem.

With that done, I will bid you all good weekend, and we’ll see you on Wednesday.


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