As Sara first mentioned, the Sunday afternoon jam session at the church WAS tres’ cool. Thanks to the Ho Train
for the marvelous idea. I look forward to continued attendance upon my
(and Dennis’) return from Saskatoon, provided they don’t break anything
in the interim.

Going out to see Ma and Pa in Saskatoon on Friday for most of reading
week. Until Wednesday, I think. I’m excited, despite having almost
forgotten about it. Dennis, thankfully, is not prone to such absence of
mind. He brings the brains, and I bring the ability to exploit people
with brains. It’s a devastating combination.

Our curling team’s losing streak with me at lead (they won the week I
sat) continues. At least we all missed a bunch today. We might have to
get Dennis to spare again- we haven’t lost when he’s played.

I took a walk today. But I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. Or, later
today, I guess (which would make the aforementioned walk yesterday-
hello, midnight! When did you get here?). What time is it? Oh, well.


8 thoughts on “

  1. wordloch

    S’toon eh? well while you’re up there, i’ll be just a couple hours away if you want to come for a visit. Chandel is gone this weekend so you’ll have to put up with a sad Graeme. Not really, I’m going to a pats/Moose Jaw WHL game on Saturday. Come and hang out! We have an extra bed so you can come in the afternoon and leave the next morning. or whatever you want to do. Hope to see you soon. Happy valentine’s day and if you don’t have one, I’ll give you a hug. G-man.

  2. Emmetovich

    Have a good trip. Don’t know which way you plan on travelling, but if you pass through Hanna, stop and stand in awe of the rural town that has produced such talents as Lanny McDonald, Nickelback, and…me. Actually, if you do pass through Hanna, don’t eat at Jerry’s Burger Baron on the highway. Not good. There is an A&W and a Subway two blocks off the highway if you need something to eat. And don’t get gas at the Esso on the highway. They jack their price up. The Husky just inside town is cheaper. And, don’t even think about littering or climbing on the giant Canada goose statue; either of ’em.Of course, if you don’t go the Highway 9 route through Hanna, disregard this rambling. Irregardless (sorry, Graeme), have a good trip!

  3. Shnuff

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Graeme and Penny.We’re flying out (got good deals on the seats), so all that was for naught, Ryan. Sorry.We have driven out before, but as it’s winter, we don’t want to mess with the roads. I remember stopping at the A&W in Hanna, and getting the gears from the guy at the Esso in Kindersley because I was wearing a Flames jersey. I, in turn, intoned in jest that he must be a Leafs fan to be so ignorant.He got a chuckle out of that (and proved me right).-DaveC

  4. wordloch

    Kindersly’s team won 6 in 55 games this last season. Not like their hockey is doing well right now. But don’t make fun of them, Linden’s on that team. Well, he’s back in Regina, but he’ll be back next year.

  5. RavenJP

    Have fun in Saskatoon with Ma and Pa, anyway I noticed that your profile pic has a certain Star Trek theme, yeah I am a geek. Enjoy your trip

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