Take Me In

More words.

I realize I’m well behind the 8-ball on this particular track (and CD,
for that matter). But then, how many of you have heard Petra’s spin on
this song (which, admittedly, sounds a little dated at this point)? Ryan and Dennis, obviously- and perhaps Dan. Anyone else?

I thought no one would be able to top that, but… ladies and gentlemen, we may have a winner.


Take me past the outer courts

Into the holy place

Past the brazen altar

Lord I want to see your face

Pass me by the crowds of people

The priests who sing your praise

I hunger and thirst for your righteousness

And it’s only found one place

Take me in to the holy of holies

Take me in by the blood of the Lamb

Take me in to the holy of holies

Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am



3 thoughts on “Take Me In

  1. atomic_spirituality

    Have heard the Petra version many many times (what can I say? I’m a child of the 80’s… which in Dauphin MB didn’t officialy end until 1994). I think I would probably like the Kutless version more, since I like Kutless more.
    That being said, that is another one of the songs that make me think of the “thin places” in life… the places where the veil separating this world from the next gets a little thinner, and you become aware of the all-encompassing presence of God.
    Hmmmm… a little deep for 8:00AM, I think…

  2. shakeNshine

    oh yeah……..very familiar with that one…………but then I’m a by product of that era.  lol lol
    btw………..I am a trekie thru and thru so I sure got a bang otta that profile pic.   tooooo kewl

  3. Shnuff

    Can’t believe I forgot about you, Shawn and Penny, after you’d posted on my Petra concert entry. I am shamed. That will be rectified in the next post.All that pic needs is some music, but I figure I’ll leave that be.-DaveC

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