Before we begin, 5 random links. There may be a football analogy, so bear with me:

1) Stephen J. Harper, fumbling his first snap as PM. What’s this about floor crossers? Yay, or nay?

2) Seems like they’re going from filet mignon to cheeseburgers, aren’t they?

3) This was hilarious- and scarily accurate (the male reactions, anyway). Shawn, this might explain the whole ‘being single’ thing.

4) Mark Cuban and  Phil Jackson, still going at it.

5) My name, in AVI form. Give it a few seconds- you’ll see it.

Lost a close game at curling on Monday, even with only 3 players. Even
though, in theory, I swept less (since with 3 players, the lead and
second throw 3 stones each- that means I sweep for the other ones), I
was absolutely exhausted at the end. More so than I can ever recall
being after a game.

A sure sign that the lack of work has made me horribly out of shape- when do we start TOOTH again, boys?

Outside of the interaction (which I’m still establishing at Mount
Royal), I don’t miss all that much about work. My back and shoulders
feel a ton better, and I’m not waist-deep in some of the crap that goes
on there anymore. I cannot emphasize enough what getting out of Safeway
has done for my mind, more than anything.

The money, yeah, but that’s not a huge issue for me right now.
Especially with the Ralphbucks and vacation pay arriving (on the same
day! cha-ching!), which just adds to my solid nest egg. My banker mom
should be so proud. (She’s probably reading this- Hi Mom!)

Speaking of which, It surprises me when I find out that there are
people other than those who subscribe who  actually read my
rantings. I mean, yeah, it’s on the internet, so anyone can read it,
but… it’s still a little… almost unsettling. That people read this.
It’s almost like being published, save for the lack of need for factual
correctness, actual intelligence, and editing.


Alright, I just threw up a little in my mouth after reading that. I’m done.


12 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    1)Hmm. Harper’s first day as PM. Let’s just say that what he has done is still nowhere near as bad as what the Liberals have done. I just don’t think it was the best move to appoint a man to cabinet who was elected as a Liberal two weeks ago. It isn’t fair to the voters of his riding who voted for a Liberal candidate in good faith.As for the new senator also brought into cabinet, it may have been easier for the west to accept if the PM had appointed one of the people Alberta has previously elected to senate, but was never recognized by the Liberals.3)Dilbert is hilarious.5)Nice work, Marine Major Loran.I don’t really have anything else to say right now. Just killing time until I realize it is far too late and I have to be at work at 7:00. Ugh.

  2. xstarfall

    lolzz ur os funyxx0r when u typ gud! wil u d8 me i am a modle irl kthx!!11shift1
    Oh man, netspeek is so great. No matter how awful it looks, it still makes me laugh so much!

  3. Shnuff

    I was going to bow to Collette for outdoing me in netspeak/chatspeak/l337speak, but Aaron, you just gave her a run for her money.Nah, Collette still gets it. KTHXBYE-DaveC

  4. Emmetovich

    lla33kld alkd adkla;a d ad77k fj!!I feel nerdily-inadequate because I don’t know what the heck any of y’all just said up there. Especially Shawn. Burning basketballs? How random. Oh…the new ads. I get it.By the way, I love the new profile pic. Roxbury meets Star Trek. Brilliant.

  5. Anonymous

    Won’t lie to you…your new avatar is creepy…I mean…w0||’7 L13 70 j00Z…j00r ||3w 4/474r 1$ (r33P’/!!!!!1111!!!1one!!!eleven!!!!roflcoptor

  6. Emmetovich

    Oh, so they’ve got the Internet on computers now!I won’t lie to you. After seeing your profile pic I scoured the Internet (well, the first three pages Google brought up after typing “Picard+Data+Riker+Roxbury”) and copied the full size version. It is now tiled as my wallpaper. Kind of mesmerizing….it’s even better if you turn music on.I only wish everything on the Internet was as entertaining as this.

  7. Shnuff

    Right, there’s music, too. Forgot about that. Thankfully for you readers, I’ll stick with the bite-sized avatar. Good work on the wallpaper though, Ryan.”What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…”- DaveC (who’s commenting far too much on his own posts – UPPING COMMENT COUNT)

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