He’s in.

A reasonably productive weekend, all in all. Did more driving than I’ve
done in a long, long time, courtesy of Dennis’ wacky church schedule
(powerpoint Saturday and sound Sunday- he’s a machine) and our folks
staying overnight on the way back to ‘Toon town from Palm Springs-
their arrival/departure times managed to collide nicely with when
Dennis had to be at church. On the plus side, I managed to scam two
free meals and a car wash out of my work. A good tradeoff, I figure.

Didn’t do anything too fancy for Super Bowl- a plate of nachos split
with Dennis, while agonizing over every Steelers misplay. Our heroes
won, but it was certainly not without it’s tense moments- a solid game,
but not one for the ages (though there were a couple of records
broken). Hines Ward (in profile picture, and on the jersey I’ve got)
deservedly walked away with the MVP after catching a touchdown, and
having several key catches during the game. Football fans, If you can
find a video of that TD catch anywhere, do so- it was on a beautifully
executed trick play, thrown by wide reciever Antwan Randle El.

Eh, it’ll be on highlights for a while anyway. That and the one he
caught on 3rd and 26 on that desperation heave from Big Ben (who didn’t
play all that well- Randle El’s lone throw was better than most of the
ones he threw up).

Really, I’m just delighted the Steelers won. The football fan in me sleeps well tonight.

I’ve been doing far too much deep thinking on other blogs of late, so I’ll keep this short. Just be sure to stop by Dennis‘ site before you head off. Later.


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  1. Emmetovich

    I feel bad that we have all bypassed your Superbowl musings in search of greener pastures at Dennis’ inaugural blog. Here’s two eprops. Spend them wisely.Good work getting the two free meals and a free carwash. Sounds like a successful weekend.

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