Another event, if you will indulge me. Having read other insights of late, I thought I’d share one with you.

I sat down at one of the many desks in Mount Royal’s main campus
building on the second level yesterday, with an intent to work. But
when I sat down at the desk, I saw something out of place.

On the desk was a copy of Kutless’ recent worship CD, Strong Tower. I
hesitated, looking to see if I’d inadvertantly took someone else’s
spot. I had not.

I regarded the case for a moment, uncertain of what to do. After
sitting down, I opened it- and sure enough, the CD was inside. But on
top of it was a small, white piece of paper. Further inspection
revealed it to be a tract, commenting on the ills of society (“You’re
feeling empty, weak.”) presenting the gospel message, and inviting the
reader to a personal relationship with Jesus.

At the end of this paper, a list of Christian musicians (of which
Kutless was included- thus, the purpose of the CD), for the new convert
to pursue should he/she pursue the presented message.

I closed the case, got up, and walked away- to find another desk, where
I could better concentrate. Someone else would make better use of those
things than I.

My walking got me to thinking (as it tends to): Was this symbolic of my
own life, of my own relationship with God? Had I been trying to tell
God to ‘help others,’ because I didn’t think I needed it? Or, was this
something entirely different- a chance encounter, as it were (I wasn’t
going to take the CD, regardless of it’s absence in my own collection)?

I would invite you, dear readers, to do the same. Have you been accepting God’s love and grace, as it is presented to you?

Consider it prayerfully, friends- I know I will be.


One thought on “

  1. DangeresqueDan

    Thats awesome, and whoever did that had a pretty good idea. And as for accepting God’s love and grace I know I don’t do that all the time. It’s hard sometimes. Thanks Dave I’ll take that into account.

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