EDIT: Yeah, the layout. Had to do it, with the Super Bowl coming up. Go Steelers!

Thank you, lady and gentlemen, for the nice remarks and conversation. I
do appreciate your feedback. Bonus points to Mike for the promos.

I’ve talked far too much politics of late. On other people’s blogs, and
in conversations. I get headaches. So I’m going cold turkey. After this

I approve of Canada’s new Prime Minister- no matter what Russ is probably saying right now.

That is all.

Out of work for all of five days, and I’ve quite enjoyed it. Getting up
at the same time most days, not having to shave (I’m told the ladies
don’t like the unshaven look, but that’s never been much of an issue
for me), and the complete and utter lack of responsibility. Outside of
school. And housework (what little gets accomplished, most days).
And… no, that’s about it, I think.

I’ll see if I can make it without shaving until after the Steelers win
the Super Bowl (that way, I can claim I’m growing a ‘playoff beard’),
but it’s already itching. But having not been able to ‘let it go’ over
the past three years at work, there is some curiousity here. Will it
fill out nicely? Or will it be like Iggy’s playoff beard? My money’s on the latter. Assuming I make it that far.

I know I can’t grow a beard like Ryan, though. But he has the benefit of *cough* experience (see, I’m implying that he’s OLD).

I imagine the workload at school will get heavier soon enough, and my
free time will evaporate like boiling water. Or something like that.
I’m too tired for a really good metaphor.

Thus far, the massively-english type courseload has somewhat sucked my
writing energy, as I’m not doing much creatively any more. It just
isn’t as fun when you have to write and type all day anyway. You finish
your assignments, and then…. blah.

(This remark, after I post a blog entry of Ryanic proportions, possibly
one of my most ambitious to date. Riiiiight. You people’ll definitely
buy that reasoning. Way to prove my point.)

On that note, I’m out.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    Hey! I’m not that old! When I began my beard-growing quest last July I had the advantage of being on vacation for the entire month. I only had to appear in public a couple times a week, and there was no boss to tell me to clean myself up.If you think its itchy after five days, you haven’t seen anything yet. Hoo, boy! The first month is the hardest part where you get up in the morning, scratch the itch, and you’re just dying to shave it off then and there. Even now I sometimes get the urge to get rid of it on a whim. But, you must persevere, despite the concerns about how well it will fill in. It is my belief that every man must, at least once in his life, experiment with growing facial hair to his fullest ability. I figure I’ll leave the beard until the summer (maybe longer), unless I am presented with a compelling reason to shave it off.

  2. wordloch

    That’s not a beard Ryan. Just ask people about February 2002 and they will tell you I looked like a wooly mammoth. Man that thing was huge. I’d gain 5 pounds after swimming because it was so water logged. I could feel that thing as I swam too. So much resistance druing training for CIS champs. The itch never goes away. The beard should not really detract the women as they should love you for your personality. But once you get married, it’s an exponential closeness deterent for everyday you don’t shave. on that note, I’m off the the bathroom to spiff myself up. G-man.

  3. miguel_senchez

    G-man is right, he can grow facial hair like none other.  On his wedding day he had to shave once in the morning and then again before the reception.  G-man you should harvest that facial hair and sell it for wigs or something. Dave, I like the new format, although I have no particular fondness for the Steelers.  

  4. Anonymous

    I remember G-Man’s beard…ah, the memories.And to answer your question my Xanga, yes, you can take the 3rd spot, and have turqouise.

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