So the SRN (Safeway Radio Network) has modernized just in time for my
departure- I actually heard Collective Soul’s “How Do You Love?”
yesterday night (one of my favourites off of ‘Youth’). That’s not just
included in the last two decades of music, which until this point
seemed entirely outside Safeway’s repertoire- that’s last YEAR. I was
floored. Doubt clouded my mind. Had I made the right choice? Would they
promise a loop of Collective Soul, Petra, and Jars if I stayed? How
much leverage did I have here?

It was immediately followed by “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney
Spears, restoring my lack of faith in the system, and assuring me I’d
made the right decision.

Two weeks can’t go by fast enough. I’m already counting down the hours,
and thinking of how, precisely, I can avoid getting dunked in the
produce sink next Friday, short of calling in dead.

(Actually, it’s inevitable. I’ve been told to bring an exra change of
clothes, and will most assuredly do so. But I’ll be sure to fill the
sink with nice, warm water, as Dwayne has threatened to bring ice)

My fourth last shift beckons, so I shall bid you good day.


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  1. Emmetovich

    Your musings on the SRN are interesting. I was in CO-OP the other day and two employees at the cash register commented that it seemed CO-OP radio was getting marginally better.

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