So, I put in the two weeks without incident. The big boss was, of
course, disappointed, but wished me well, and said they’d welcome me
back should circumstances allow for it. About as well as I could have imagined it going.

Classic ‘mountain-out-of-a-molehill’ sequence, where my anxiety about
it allowed me to make it much worse than it was going to be. Praise God
for continuing to show me the error of my ways.

So what’s next on the work front? I’m not sure. Something that’s not
glorified labor, to be certain. I might take a little time away from
working, with classes starting up, and having not had a week off in
almost two years. That, and I’m sitting on boatloads of cash.

(Speaking of which, hello, burnout. I’d hoped I’d never have to deal
with you, but I know you were on my tail the last little while. What
with work, school, and even play becoming more and more of a grind some
days. Thought you’d got me, didn’t you? Well, we managed to avoid that.
But we’ll have to see. You’ve got two weeks, and then I’m a free man.
Bring it. Let’s see what you got.)

I should know better than to taunt my elders. These next two weeks are going to be killer.

On the ‘this might be ironic’ front, Dennis got a contract from
Scotiasomethingorother (not Scotiabank, apparently. At least, I don’t
think so), and now has full-time work, and a salary. Dennis, if you
could comment with details, that’d be appreciated. Those who aren’t
Dennis, congratulate him with effervescence- both in person, and in
this space. I demand it.

I’ll talk to you folks later.


4 thoughts on “

  1. xstarfall

    That’s great about the job, Dennis! Best of luck at Scotiasomethingorother!Yeah Dave, I have the same tendencies as you regarding making small things into big things and worrying about them too much. I had to FORCE myself to give my two weeks at the zoo back then. Even though I really didn’t want to work there anymore, I didn’t want to give my two weeks either. So strange!

  2. mickyo

    Congratulations Dave on your new job. 
    Congratulations (I guess) Dennis on quitting your job and seeking more.  I wish you good luck.  I had some ideas on how to make quitting easier (mainly be getting fired pre-emptively), but they seemed inappropriate given the seriousness of the moment (go in drunk, go in hours late, go in with pretty much any shirt bought from the store San Francisco, go in with no pants, park in the fire lane out front and refuse to move, eat food off the shelves, throw produce to people, throw produce at people). 

  3. mickyo

    Obviously I got the names backwards in my last post.  Sorry.  But, I still contend they should switch jobs for a day and let hilarity ensue.  A screenplay waiting to be written. 

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