Just staying off the bottom of the list at this point, but let’s see where it goes. Ryan gets demanding when I don’t post, and we don’t want to see him get angry. He has a beard. He has to be tough.

The above game was Dennis’ Christmas gift to me, and has managed to kill off a good number of days since then.

Hosting a little New Years get together tomorrow, with all the chaos
attached to the planning of such a venture. Good thing I’m working, and
will miss most of the grunt work. Our original plan was to watch all
six Star Wars movies in their entirety (a bunch of us managed to get
through LOTR extended editions last year… almost. I think I fell
asleep during the third one), but that will likely be scaled back. We
figure only Alex had a decent shot of making it to the morning, as he’s been fairly owlish in his hours over the past little while.

Evidence to that fact: Two days ago, I had the early shift, at 6 in the
morning. Go to work, come home at 3, take a seat in front of the TV,
and doze off. About 4:30, I awaken to see Alex, rummaging through the
cupboard for some cereal. He’d just gotten up.

Made me want to go back to bed. Though he did do a ton of vacuuming and
cleaning downstairs this week in preparation for our extravaganze. You
could eat off that carpet. Not sure why you would, but you could, if
that was your thing.

Feeling the familiar tuggings of sleep on me, so I’m wrapping it up
here, though there is more on my mind at the moment. I hope 2005 was
good to you, and that 2006 brings surprises and happiness. See you on
the flip side.

Of the calendar.


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  1. Emmetovich

    Mmmm. Carpet food. You’d better not be lying about the cleanliness of your carpet. Or else…However, I find your lack of faith disturbing. I am confident in being able to make it through all six movies. I’m sure Mike is up to the task. After all, we did drive two vans out of Winnipeg in the middle of the night until daylight caught up with us somewhere in Saskatchewan. Colette was there. She’ll vouch for the tale.I have just now returned to the city, so I will see you all tonight!

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