Well, it’s two weeks later still, I haven’t a clue.

If these guys were running in the federal election, I’d vote for them.

And now to sports.

I’m “wait and see” on the Blue Jays moves thus far this offseason. Good
on ’em for going after the guys they wanted, and leaving no margin for
error, but the Burnett signing in particular is one I figure could
backfire horrendously (I keep hearing “Chan Ho Park” from the sports
heads, and I’m iin complete agreement on that). But we’ll see. I think
the Overbay deal was good for em, though it does make a logjam at the
corner spots. Come to think of it, the middle infield is looking a
little overburdened as well, with Aaron Hill, Orlando Hudson, and Russ
Adams vying for two spots. Methinks another deal or two is in the
works- a three-for-one, netting a power hitting outfielder? I’m
dreaming now. Stop me.

Everything I’ve read on the Flames the last little while laments their
lack of a top line centre. A good two-way player, someone who has good
chemistry with Iginla. Someone like… Craig Conroy? Definately not
former Flame Marc Savard, who is as defensive as…. somethng that’s
not defensive at all.

So we ( “we” being those of us with far too much time on our hands at
Safeway) have come to the conclusion that work rotates about five or
six different Christmas songs, only playing different spins on them. I
kept track today, on a whim. For example, I heard Jingle Bells 28
times-  at least eight different versions of it- and not a single
one of them was tolerable. We had wannabe dance, speed singing
the swingin’ “Chevrolet”,
and the lite-rock-done-wrong version. Among other upchuck worthy spins.

Have I mentioned I can’t wait ’till Christmas?

Among other musical follies, I’ve noted that ‘Christian’ Christmas
songs always get the instrumental treatment. Because saying ‘Jesus’ or
talking about angels, mangers, and the REAL reason for what goes on
this time of year might offend someone, or something. Not that some of
us aren’t ‘walking lawsuits’ already, with the banter that goes on
around work.

I DID hear BNL’s “Green Christmas” (from the album pictured above)
today, though, which was the highlight of my morning. Outside of that,
and Collective Soul’s “Blue Christmas”, there’s not a lot I like on the
ol’ Safeway Radio Network right now.

(Speaking of which: “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is quickly
becoming my least favourite Christmas song. And in a lineup that
includes every terrible version of Jingle Bells they could find, that’s
saying somethiing.)

The folks are coming here again for Christmas. I wanted us to go to
‘Toon town this year, but getting time off in retail is somewhat
problematic. I know of a couple of guys who quit because they couldn’t
get time off- and it’s almost certain they’ll be hired back. That’s how
bad the labor crunch is in Calgary right now.

And Safeway’s opening new stores. Weeeeee.

Definitely looking forward to some real food, though.

Eatin’ time. I’ll see y’all later.


5 thoughts on “

  1. miguel_senchez

    Sweet.  Great to hear from you Dave.  It has felt like eternity waiting for the latest installment.  I have grown dependent on frequent doses of Dave.  Good call about all those Christmas tunes.  I am astonished at the number of jingle bells songs.  I will be further apalled if you tell me that not one of those songs were of the “batman smells” variety. 

  2. atomic_spirituality

    My least favourite Christmas tune is that stupid Dominic the Donkey song that plays all the FREAKING time on Shine. It makes me want to get all jacked up on cheap whiskey, grab a chainsaw, head for the nearest petting zoo… and then I’d probably get distracted by the duckies. They’re sooo cute!!!

  3. Emmetovich

    You can thank good ol’ Blake Jackson formerly of ShineFM for perpetuating the Donkey song. Thought it was funny the first time. Ever since then it’s been sheer torture. I can’t hardly listen to Shine at the best of times, but this month long blitz of Christmas music is just too much. Gotta stick with the traditional arrangements. Some Burl Ives, a little Bing Crosby.

  4. Matuga

    I’m going to club you just for mentioning that blasted “Dominic” song here, Shawn. Man, I like the fact shine plays a lot of christmas music but man alive…..that drives me nuts.

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