EDIT: Spelling. I hate my ‘I’ key.

My CD-ROM drive is broken. Much sorrow for the hardcore gamer in me has ensued (though WoW
doesn’t require a disc). It stopped working right after I recorded the
Petra CD onto the computer, furthering my theory that Petra CDs hate

On the plus side…. well, I haven’t actually found a positive to it
yet, save for my now encyclopediac knowledge of how to fix CD-ROM
problems. Everyone’s except my own, apparently. That, and my Hold ‘Em
poker technique continues to improve.

Having run through every troubleshooting guide I’ve been able to find,
I’m thinking it’s a hardware issue, which would suck immensely, as this
is a Dell (Inspiron 5150), and not under warranty. I could pay to
extend the warranty (and thus, put it back under coverage), but I don’t
particularly feel like paying money for the privelege of paying more
money to send it away for weeks just for the one malfunctioned part. I
don’t know if a local shop will fix it, though- I’ll have to check that

Or I could go out and get a new drive, and hook it up externally- might
not be that much more expensive. Which wouldn’t be terrible, as my own
drive was suffering the last few weeks anyway (probably related to
whatever the problem is now). And I may have a port designed for just
that purpose. Further research is required.

Dennis and I have developed excellent reflexes the last couple of
weeks, as Alex has developed the habit of ambushing us at random times
with his newly acquired dart guns (like Nerf darts, except not Nerf.
I’ll have to hook ya’ll up with some links once I get coherent). I’m
not sure how this whole dart gun craze started (Ryan,
maybe- I remember him displaying them to us from the trunk of his car),
and now, we may have to plan a dart war at church, so as to exercise
our youthful urges. So we set about turning the tables the other night-
after acquiring Petra’s Farewell CD, we made a quick stopover at
Wal-Mart to arm ourselves.

(Yeah, there might be more to this ‘us being bachelors’ thing than I thought… Nah. It’s everyone else that’s crazy.)

On the way home, we hatched the plan- we would quietly unpack and load
our tools of harmless destruction right inside from the garage, and
ambush Alex, who would be quietly studying downstairs, as he usually
was. Nothing fancy, but we thought the best of it.

We entered the house, careful not to make too much noise. From the
garage, and into the unlit kitchen. I saw a light on downstairs-
suggesting to Dennis that we perhaps assemble our strike force
upstairs, so as to not arouse his suspicions with the ruckus.

And then, I turn to the kitchen table- to see Alex, his Nerf-like
shotgun in hand. The ambushers had become the ambushed, and the dart I
recieved in my shoulder was a testament to his superior planning.

We’ve yet to return the favor of his repeated ambushes, but I shall keep you apprised.

I’m not all that hyped for Grey Cup this weekend, and I can’t recall a
time when I ever was. As a sports fan, and someone who attempts to take
some pride in being Canadian, this does concern me somewhat. Sure, I’ll
take any excuse to plant my posterior on the couch and watch football.
I guess part of it is that I’ve never been that huge of a fan of the
CFL- I just can’t watch it most weeks. Or maybe it’s just that I can’t
get the bitter taste of Calgary’s loss to Edmonton out of my head.

(I mean, really, though. 6 turnovers, and we still lost by just over a
touchdown. If Montreal plays anywhere close to their capabilities,
Edmonton and their revolving door QB situation is going to get
steamrolled this weekend. Mark my words.)

That is all.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Matuga

    I got him back when he had Andrew over. I crept downstairs, and right when I saw him I shot. Got him right in the nose.Andrew was further away, so I missed him. The look on Alex’s face was priceless though.

  2. Emmetovich

    I think that Pastor Linda must take the responsiblity for the recent surge in dart gun popularity. Before the BBCY retreat to Gull Lake at Thanksgiving she instructred Aaron to purchase some weapons of mass enjoyment. He in turn purchased some for himself. I followed suit. I may have also displayed my wares from a duffel bag in my car…in the parking lot of the church. I may also have shot at Astrovandy as he drove into the parking lot.

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