Beyond that shameless plug, a few more thoughts on my previous long
winded entry. I just had to throw that out there (Ryan, do you have it

Thanks, as usual, to everyone who took the time to read and comment. Penny gets points for being the first.

Taking time away for God doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be
physically apart from our world- out in the forest, as I’ve done in the
past. I just find that helps, when we get away from those things that
distract us. And for someone like me, whose mind wanders a little, it
helps to physically remove those things. There will be times where
that’s not possible, but I’ll learn that as I go, I think.

Regarding the other subject I touched on- I don’t like to think I’m
hung up on finding a significant other (Thanks to all who gave
encouragement on that front), but to assume that I don’t think about it
would be equally foolhardy, especially when I’m at the age where it
seems like everyone is attached in some way (save for some of the males
at BBC- we have a ‘ratio’ to explain that. Either that, or the
engineers drive them away. But that doesn’t explain MikeW).  It’s
there, but I try not to dwell on it. But if it’s on my mind, I’ll try
and put it out here.

Working early tomorrow, so I think I’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for propogating my long-winded ranting, y’all.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    Yes, I have it. My blog has now been properly updated. As my defence clearly shows, I was in no position at 1:00 this morning to be in possession of Petra: Farewell. Alas, it was not until lunchtime today I was able to get it.In response to your more serious thoughts, just think of it this way: you belong to a select group of individuals, the single man. But really, I understand how you feel. And as well meaning and caring as our mothers are, their beliefs in our eligibility just isn’t enough to be encouraging all the time.I think you’re right. Its the engineers that are scaring the females away. Lousy engineers. I can say that since I’m only an engineering technologist. But that still doesn’t explain Steve Sheldrake’s recent nuptials and Mike W’s continuing liaison with a delightful female. Hmmm. This may require more concentration than I have to offer at the moment.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, I’m only a year younger than you…and I’m still single….maybe it’s because I’m a computer programmer? *L*

  3. Zera82

    I’d fall under the catagory of no longer attached to someone.  Single once again for a few months now.  Oh well I’m sure we’ll both find someone someday.

  4. atomic_spirituality

    I believe that I can safely paraphrase Mr. Olynik here and say that the fact you guys are single proves that girls don’t know anything about anything. (and vice versa for our single female readers)
    On your other topic, I recently read a good book called “Restoring your Spiritual Passion” (author escapes me) and he talks extensively about “time alone with God”. He uses the examples of monks who would spend hours each day alone in their cells contemplating God. It is a spiritual discipline that is far too lacking in Christian circles in general, and my own life in particular. When I find the book, I will post it and recommend it highly.

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