Apparently, it’s been 423 days (wow, that’s a big number) since I joined Xanga. Won’t I support Xanga by going premium?

Well, no.

My return to TOOTH harkens. Prepare yourself. And attend, all who are able.

The Flames have rolled off some wins after a slow start, much to the
delight of the local media, who can now roll off their ‘The Flames are
BACK!’ stories en masse. Didn’t think I’d ever say this after a few
lean years, but I’m starting to get a little sick of all the coverage.
Yeah, we’re awesome. But I don’t think I need to know the intimate
details of why they switched Jordan Leopold from the left side to the
right. This isn’t Toronto.

After a reasonably inspired opening night performance, the Raptors have
dropped three stinkers in a row, and the players are already sniping at
each other. After two weeks. Could be a looooooong season in Toronto,
especially with the Leafs drawing fans away from the Raptors again.

Has Rob Babcock been fired yet?

I think those are all my sports related thoughts for the moment.

Got to play sax at church on Sunday, after a surprise Friday night call
from Jared. The service went fairly well in this man’s opinion, and
Dennis echoed that, working the sound board for us. I think I saved
most of my mistakes for the practice. I especially enjoyed harmonizing
with Cathy (Kathy?) Webber, who busted out the flute on “Change my
Heart, Oh God”, a classic church tune. It was gooooooood.

Much as I do miss Duane’s impassioned speeches, and obvious love of the
Word, I’ve really come to like Pastor (yeah, interim pastor) John’s
preaching. A very dry sense of humor, and he’s not afraid to poke fun
at himself when the oppurtunity arises- especially a mischevious
childhood that he continues to make reference to.

Now, once he nails both my and Dennis’ name in the same night, we’ll be in good shape.



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  1. shakeNshine

    there is something to be said about having a xanga without the banners……… lol   but I do agree with you that Pastor John cetainly doesn’t mind poking fun at himself.  Considering that Bill B. was in the congregation Sat nite seemed to spur him on……………lol lol  

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