*sigh* courtesy of Alex’s brain fart, and Dennis’ sound course, I have
instead run the TOOTH missing streak to 6 tonight. Ah, well.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Emmetovich

    Yeah. That sucks. Of course, a real devoted member of TOOTH would have hitch-hiked or something. Just kidding. We will welcome you back into the fold.Hope to see you at the museum tomorrow.

  2. InnerFreq

    As to your previous post in regards to the Raptors, I must speak forth the chant of the Raptor’s alumni fan club; Why?!?!  For all that is good, WHY!!!!!!
    I will attend my first (and possibly last) game of the year on Sunday… today and having actually consulted the Almighty on a possibly win for them… even though they’re playing Seattle.
    Oh, well… at least it’s not Baseball…

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