Somebody at work needs to learn how to write a schedule. Or learn to read. One of the two would be nice.

On the plus side, I’m not working Sunday night (though I might show up
with the apron still on), which means the small group reunion’s a go.
Going to miss TOOTH again this week, but next week’ll mark the return.

Watching the Raptors play the Wizards close. Random thoughts on Toronto’s NBA team:

1) I think this Villanueva guy is going to be good. So what if he plays
the same position as Chris Bosh? That won’t matter too much in a league
which mostly lacks good centers anyway.

2) Bosh is still awesome. Not quite franchise, but if they put good enough support around him, he’ll do nicely.

3) This ‘Calderon’ guy isn’t bad, either.

4) GM Rob Babcock needs to be fired. Right now. The reasons are many:

By saying they “won’t win as many games” this year, he’s given a young
team an excuse to lose. Coach Sam Mitchell has to work against him now
for the team to make any progress, and that’s not healthy for an

He got… what for Vince Carter? Two guys who aren’t on the team any
more, and a couple of draft picks? Nice work. You could throw darts at
a random roster and do better than that. Sure, Carter’s stock was down,

He’s got all the media savvy of a brick. One would hope that he could
either wheel and deal, or put a good spin on things. Babcock can’t do

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Matuga

    All of those draft picks you like were made by Babcock.  Food for thought.
    He should still be fired for the horrible returns from the VC trade and for saying the Raptors will be worse then last year – if they play the younguns, and if Arraujo develops at *all*, they’ll be in the hunt.
    Playoff spot’s always possible in the East, but the Bucks are looking a lot better so someone has to fall off badly.  My money’s on the 76ers doing just that.
    Opposing thoughts, D?

  2. Shnuff

    Charlie Villanueva will be good, but that’s in spite of Babcock drafting him, not because of it. Babcock didn’t give him that huge chip on his shoulder (not directly, anyway).Meanwhile, the consensus on Araujo is he just won’t be able to do anything useful. He tries really hard, but he just doesn’t have the skills to do anything other than take up space. Might be an adequate backup center, but you can get those guys way lower than the 8th overall pick.Babcock’s draft record is better than people think (outside of Araujo), but the bottom line is the Carter trade, his other questionable acquisitions- signing Rafer Alston, letting Donyell Marshall leave without compensation (an obvious response to the negative backlash from the Carter trade), and re-signing Morris Peterson to an above market deal when swingmen are a dime a dozen- and the “we’ll be worse” statement is enough for me to want to give him the hook. The deer-in-the-headlights PR is icing on the cake.Make no mistake- they HAD to trade Carter. But they also had to get something for him. And they didn’t, outside of the draft picks.Dan, I think the Raptors will be right in the playoff hunt until the end, but just miss, barring a catastrophic collapse from one of the East’s big three, or underperformance from a couple more. ~40 wins or so, and lots of exciting games. They ARE more athletic, and younger than in recent years, but that inexperience will work against them.They played the Wizards really well on opening night, and fell apart right at the end. Lots of ‘rookie mistakes’ in those last few minutes.-DaveC

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