T-minus 19 hours.

Watching Game 3 of the World Series, whch just went into it’s 5th hour
and 14th inning- Dennis and I are determined to see it to the end. Blum
just gave the White Sox a lead (Sure enough, right when I went to the

Anyone remember that clincher in the NLDS between Houston and Atlanta,
which went 18 innings? I remember reading all these baseball types the
next day saying it was a classic, but I seem to remember it being a bit
of a snoozefest. No real excitement until Clemens came in, and then
again when Chris Burke finished it with the homerun.

While we’re talking sports, I think that NFC North has cost me more
games in my work football pool than the other divisions combined.
Minnesota and Chicago were responsible for two of my four misses this

Back to the ol’ pastime- Ensberg just botched another grounder for Houston. This inning could get ugly in a hurry.

I hope the Astros can at least make a series of this- I don’t claim any
particular allegiance here, but I’d like a good series, which we
haven’t had for a couple of years. But the Yankees got beat, so I’m

That’s all.

EDIT: Apparently, I was too hard on Ensberg- Dennis informs me that he
had one heck of a double play to get them Astros to 2 outs in the 14th,
so I should take him off the hook for misplaying that bunt. Consider it

Wouldn’t have hurt if he’d drive in some runs, though…


3 thoughts on “

  1. shakeNshine

    last years baseball series took it’s toll on me.  I called both teams early in the season for the playoffs……………and ended up watching two teams I had favouritism with. lol lol………….between that and the screaming sessions with the Flames………..I took I took this year off.  But after reading this………maybe I’ll put some cement blocks under the sofa…….lol lol lol       ******hug******

  2. mickyo

    I disagree on the Braves-Astros game.  It was the first playoff game ever with two grand slams, plus there was a ninth-inning homer to tie.  I remember a lot of baserunners in extra innings, lots of stolen bases, and lots of tension.  It was a classic, and will be remembered for years or decades to come. 
    The game yesterday was great too. 

  3. Shnuff

    Apologies, Mick- I wasn’t quite clear on that. The first nine innings of the Braves-Astros game- the grand slams, the back-and-forth you described- was outstanding. It was the extra frames that were less than inspiring. To a point, that’s unavoidable (as you can’t really trade runs back-and-forth), but I just don’t remember much tension or excitement until they ran out of players. A good game, but maybe not ‘one for the ages’, as it had been labelled by some.I guess that’s partially the reason it went so long. Yesterday’s game was better for that sort of thing, as I recall- the Astros kept getting all these runners, but got nothing. Chicago gets a home run to win it all, and manages to tack on one more before the Astros get their shot.Or blame my poor memory.-DaveC

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