Thank you all for the well wishes. You broke my eprop record, which is unprecedented.

Is anyone else tired of hearing Flintstones puns about Hurricane Wilma?
It wasn’t funny the first time, it probably isn’t now. Idiots.

Anyway, the game’s afoot. Greetings, other-person-whose-name-is-Dave. Watch the coffee table, and don’t step on the raccoons.

Alex made rumblings about succumbing to the pressure of blogging as
well, but I haven’t heard anything definitive. We will, of course, keep
you apprised.  Ryan, he’s probably going to use one of your
pictures on his profile. Assuming he does take the plunge, anyway.

I’m pretty sure that’d
push Dennis
and his eprop-snobbery over the edge as well (just razzing, D, as
usual. Someone’s gotta be different), and get him on a regular blog. I
really think he should do that. He’s smart, having written letters to
the editor, and stuff, and would be a nice antidote to my… whatever
it is I do. He wrote a particularly nice takedown of a politically
oriented article for the Gauntlet (the U of C’s imitation of a
newspaper), and got a letter published in Basketball Digest when we
were… what? 13? When did we subscribe to that?



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